Betting On The Super Bowl Coin Toss

Super Bowl Coin

The thrill in those three seconds of the Super Bowl coin toss is intense and gets the betting energy going right from the start of the Super Bowl. The great thing about the odds on the Super Bowl coin toss is that it requires little to no research when making a bet on it. You can either choose heads or tails and let the adrenaline roll while the coin is up in the air. The coin toss is the most popular Super Bowl prop bet to take. Nearly every betting site offers Super Bowl coin toss odds.

Super Bowl 59 Coin Toss Odds

Top Rated Sites To Bet On The Super Bowl Coin Toss

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Where To Bet On The Coin Toss

Betting on the coin toss at the Super Bowl can be found in a number of online sportsbooks. The great thing about different online sportsbooks carrying Super Bowl coin toss odds each year is that you can get in on them at different prices in order to maximize your profits. For example, BetOnline commonly hosts their coin toss line at -101 while other sites can range upward of -115.

Bovada Sportsbook

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds And Props

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is the top online sportsbook when it comes to betting not just on the Super Bowl coin toss, but on the Super Bowl in general. There is no shortage on the odds that they offer on the coin toss as they offer the normal coin toss odds and every coin toss prop with it. For example, Bovada asks if the team that wins the coin toss will win the game, what the player will call, if they will call it correctly, and more. Be sure to look at Super Bowl promotions at Bovada before placing your action on the coin toss.

BetOnline Sportsbook

The Most Props For The Super Bowl Coin Toss

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is one of the top-tier online Super Bowl betting sites that offers odds on the SB coin toss. They also have different coin toss prop bets in addition to the normal coin toss lines. You can choose from which team is going to win the coin toss, if the team that wins the toss will win the game, and much more. BetOnline offers more than just the coin toss prop odds though, you can find odds on just about any aspect of the Super Bowl game itself from the National Anthem and halftime show to players and the color Gatorade that is poured after the game.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Best Bonuses For Coin Toss Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

When using MyBookie for betting on the Super Bowl coin toss, online bettors have the option to redeem the new or existing player bonuses that are offered. All new players can reeve up 50% deposit match that has a max bonus of $1,000 and a 10x rollover. For Super Bowl coin toss bettors that have already deposited into MyBookie, the online book offers a 25% deposit match reload bonus that has no limit for the max that can be redeemed in bonus funds. Deposits at MyBookie process within 15 minutes, allowing for any last second or future wagering on the Super Bowl.

Best SB 59 Coin Toss Props At Bovada

As one of the best all-around sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl 59, Bovada offers a few different options for betting on the coin toss. These odds dropped at the online sportsbook the day after Championship Weekend and will be available until the ref throws the coin into the air. This can be a great way to kick off Super Bowl betting with the 50/50 odds intriguing all online bettors in the US.

To What Team Will Win Coin Toss In Super Bowl 59?

Will Team That Calls Coin Toss In Super Bowl 59 Be Correct?

Will Team That Wins Coin Toss Also Win Super Bowl 59?

Best Bonuses For Betting On The Coin Toss

With many different ways to bet on the coin toss for Super Bowl 59, the online sportsbooks that accept US players also offer welcome bonuses that can be used to wager on the toss-up. For betting on the coin toss, online bettors should look for bonuses with high deposit matches and low rollovers. Bovada currently offers one of the most efficient deposit bonuses but other books help boost online bettor's bankrolls as well.

Three Best Bonuses For Super Bowl 59 Betting

  • Bovada – $750 max crypto bonus, 75% deposit match, 5x rollover
  • BetOnline – $1,000 max crypto bonus, 100% deposit match, 14x rollover
  • MyBookie – $1,000 max bonus, 50% deposit match, 10x rollover

Types Of Bets On The Super Bowl Coin Toss

Being that the Super Bowl coin toss takes in the most money in reference to Super Bowl prop bets, it makes sense that there are different ways to bet on it. The most well-known way to bet on the Super Bowl coin toss is by betting on if the flip will result in a heads or tails in which you can use Super Bowl coin toss stats and trends to make your bets.

Heads/Tails: These odds are just as they sound, you are betting on whether or not the coin toss will land on heads or tails.

Team To Win The Super Bowl Coin Toss: Here you are betting on which of the two teams in the Super Bowl will win the toss.

Team That Calls The Toss Calls It Correct: These odds get trickier as you are betting on the team that is calling heads or tails on the toss to call the correct outcome.

Team To Win The Toss Wins The Game: These odds stretch out throughout the game as in order to cash them, the team that wins the coin toss will need to go on and win the game.

What Will The Winner Of The Toss Call: These odds will come down to the team that wins the coin toss and what they decide to do with the ball. You can bet on if the team that wins will receive the opening kick-off or defer to the second half.

Is Heads Or Tails Bet On More?

One of the best ways to gauge which way to lay your bets on the coin toss are by looking at the coin toss betting splits. This shows you where exactly the public is laying their money. Using Super Bowl 56 as an example, the expression "tails never fails" was apparently used by many bettors as tails took on 57.7% of the bets and 57.5% of the betting handle.

Past Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

Year Super Bowl Coin Toss Results Coin Toss Winner Super Bowl Winner
2024 Super Bowl 58 Heads Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
2023 Super Bowl 57 Tails Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs
2022 Super Bowl 56 Heads Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Rams
2021 Super Bowl 55 Heads Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2020 Super Bowl 54 Tails San Francisco 49ers Kansas City Chiefs
2019 Super Bowl 53 Tails LA Rams New England Patriots
2018 Super Bowl 52 Heads New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles
2017 Super Bowl 51 Tails Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots
2016 Super Bowl 50 Tails Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos
2015 Super Bowl 49 Tails Seattle Seahawks New England Patriots
2014 Super Bowl 48 Tails Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
2013 Super Bowl 47 Heads Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
2012 Super Bowl 46 Heads New England Patriots New York Giants
2011 Super Bowl 45 Heads Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
2010 Super Bowl 44 Heads New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
2009 Super Bowl 43 Heads Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl Coin Toss Trends

  • The winner of the coin toss has lost the game in the last 8 Super Bowls.
  • Heads and tails have been on an even 2-2 split in the last 4 Super Bowls.
  • A streak of three or more on each side of the coin has happened nine times.
  • Since Super Bowl 46 NFC teams have won the coin toss by calling tails 5 times while the AFC has won calling heads three times.
  • The overall underdog in the game has lost the coin toss in three of the last four Super Bowls.

Coin Toss Betting FAQs