Best Taylor Swift Online Sportsbooks

There are many Taylor Swift online sportsbooks in the United States. In fact, the number of Taylor Swift betting sites has boomed in recent years. Gamblers have had the opportunity to bet on the success of her Midnights album, Eras tour, and even her relationship with Travis Kelce at Super Bowl 58. These sportsbooks with Taylor Swift betting odds will continue to grow in popularity for as long as the icon remains in the limelight. We review the best Taylor Swift sportsbooks here.

Sites Recommended For USA Online Sports Betting

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Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Taylor Swift

There are many sportsbooks with odds on Taylor Swift in the United States. These odds are typically found under the Entertainment betting categories that sportsbooks have. Additionally, there have been odds on Swift at Super Bowl online sportsbooks as well.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bet On Taylor Swift From 45 States

Bovada Sports Betting

If any Taylor Swift song was written about Bovada, it would be her 2008 smash hit “Love Story”. Bovada has more T-Swizzle odds than any other sportsbook and is the easiest to use for new sports bettors. To sign up and try out Bovada for Taylor Swift betting you can use credit/debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express in addition to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The site will even offer you a signup bonus worth up to $250 for credit or $750 if you deposit!

BetOnline Sportsbook

Great Betting Site For Taylor Swift

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is the second-best site for betting on Taylor Swift online behind only Bovada, and the online sportsbook makes the competition close. Players can bet on Taylor Swift in many different ways, with BetOnline accepting action from US bettors using their phones, tablets, and computers. To sign up at BetOnline, there are many deposit methods available from each device. Crypto, credit cards, and Bank Wires are the most popular, with the site taking many other options as well.

Can I Bet On Taylor Swift To Perform At The Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Halftime Show odds are the latest and greatest way to bet on T-Swizzle. After reportedly rejecting Super Bowl Halftime Show offers in the past due to a busy schedule, it is possible that she finally headlines the biggest concert of the year in 2025. Super Bowl 59 online sportsbooks with halftime show odds are already up, with Taylor Swift one of the many available betting options at these sites.

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How To Read Betting Odds For New Bettors

Taylor Swift has attracted a new crowd to many online sportsbooks that accept US residents, with those new users needing to learn how to read betting odds and the types of bets offered. Odds are simple to understand. Numbers with a minus in front of them (like -110 or -1989) indicate how much must be bet in order to win $100. For -110 that would mean $110 or $1989 to win $100 with -1989 odds. Luckily, there are only three main types of bets that new users should know before betting on the pop culture legend:

  • Moneyline odds are straight bets on a winner or loser of a game/event. This bet could be on Taylor Swift to win or lose an award or on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs to take home the Super Bowl trophy. To win a moneyline bet, you simply have to bet who will win something. If you are right then you win, if not you lose.
  • Spreads are simple to understand, as they are a made-up number that is created to make a game or competition even. Sportsbooks will indicate a favorite with a minus symbol and the underdog (the competitor that isn’t expected to win) with a plus. For example, if Taylor’s first NFL love, the Philadelphia Eagles, were seven-point favorites over the San Francisco 49ers they would look like Eagles -7 against the spread. That means they would have to win by more than seven points for the bet to be successful. San Francisco would look like 49ers +7 against the spread and would have to either lose by less than seven points or win the game for the bet to be a success.
  • Over/Unders are bets on whether a specific event will be more or less than a specified number that online sportsbooks create. For Taylor Swift at Chiefs games, over/unders could be created for the number of times she is shown during a broadcast or the total number of points that the Chiefs plus their opponents score.