Wagerweb Sportsbook Review For 2020

Wager Web offers one of the sleekest website interfaces on the web with a sportsbook that makes it simple for users to pick their favorite sites. It has been around for almost two decades and recently re-designed itself to be a one-stop-shop for bettors. As opposed to other online books, Wager Web has an entire section devoted to expert analysis and news, giving you help in choosing a winner instead of just providing options. Below, we're going to cover all the important details you would need or want to know as any good WagerWeb review should have.

Are U.S.A. players accepted at WagerWeb?

WagerWeb welcomes all U.S. residents to join and put wagers on any betting line they offer. Furthermore, WagerWeb has numerous deposit methods that work great for USA players and they have a high acceptance rate with processing U.S. credit cards and it is one of the reasons most consider them to be one of the best sports betting sites for Americans. Learn more about depositing into WagerWeb in the corresponding section on this review.

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is it legal to bet sports at WagerWeb?

Determining whether or not it is legal to bet on sports at WagerWeb is very tricky because it all depends on where you live and the gambling laws in your state. But, we can say with all certainty that no matter where you live, you have nothing to worry about when betting with WagerWeb. We encourage you to learn more about USA betting laws by clicking the preceding link.

Legal Gambling Age

Unlike other sportsbooks, it doesn't matter what the legal sports betting age in your state is when gambling with WagerWeb because they require all users to be 21 years old. Failure to meet these requirements can result in a suspended account, or denial of funds when it comes time to withdrawal. It is best to just wait until you are 21 to join at this sportsbook.

WagerWeb Sportsbook Bonuses + Promotion Codes

The real meat of the sportsbook at WagerWeb comes in the form of bonuses, like the 2% cashback bonus. For every wager you place over $100, you get 2% cash back instantly. So someone who places $1,000 on an event will get a $20 credit to their account the very next day without doing anything. New account holders are also eligible for a 100% match when making the first deposit. While this WagerWeb bonus does have a minimum deposit of $250 it does go to a maximum of $1,200 which is unheard of... plus we've seen other sportsbooks (you won't find them here) with larger minimum deposits that don't reward the player nearly as well as this one.

Also, WagerWeb has a terrific rewards program that allows frequent bettors to collect all kinds of nice prizes. If you want electronics, they have items like a XBOX360 w/ Kinect, or laptop computers. But, if you like going to sporting events and sporting goods, this is where this program really shines. With enough points, loyal users can earn rewards like new, premium golf clubs or season tickets to NFL games. They even have options for Super Bowl tickets which everybody knows they typically run into the thousands of dollars just for one ticket.

Combined, the WagerWeb sports betting bonuses for U.S. players, the cash back offer, and the awesome rewards program truly make WagerWeb one of the best USA online sportbooks for bonuses.

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WagerWeb Betting Lines

The site offers a wide range of betting lines on everything from football to horse racing to betting on NHL hockey can be found here. The site also offers prop betting, futures betting and odds on celebrities and TV shows. That makes it a one-stop shop for everything entertainment-related. The easy-to-read interface doesn’t make you jump through hoops to find the lines you want, either. The site divides its lineup between active and in-active sports (i.e. sports that are in season and sports that are not). It’s an easy, cut-and-dry template on the left hand of the screen that helps you decide what action to take. If you want to make long term investments, go with non-active sports and wait. If you want the nightly fix, go with active sports.

Deposits Accepted At WagerWeb

WagerWeb has multiple outlets for funding online sports betting accounts, with the simplest way being a credit card. To make your deposits, Wager Web accepts VISA with a minimum deposit of $51 and a maximum of $999 per transaction. Transaction fees are free for this method, making it the most inexpensive way to get your money in. Wire transfers are another method, and have different restrictions. Some have a minimum deposit of just $25 with a maximum of up to $1,000. Transaction fees are rare, but do incur in some cases with some wire transfer services.

Payouts And Withdrawals At WagerWeb Sportsbook

WagerWeb makes it as easy to withdrawal as they do to deposit. To get your payouts from WagerWeb, you have the option of using a popular wire service or getting a cashier's check via FedEX. You must have at least $25 to make a sports betting withdrawal in any scenario, and the most you can withdrawal in a single day is $3,000 (by check). All users are entitled to one free payout every 30 days but after that you can count on spending at least $50 in transactions so be sure to plan your payouts wisely.

Customer Service, Phone Numbers, And Contact Information For WagerWeb

If you have any questions about your account, Wager Web makes it easy to find support. There are multiple options for which to contact them but the best is the live chat that is available on their website. Whether you have an account or are just a guest, WagerWeb is there to help you every step of the way. Additionally, WagerWeb has several toll-free telephone numbers in the U.S. as well as email support.

Live Chat - available on site

email - support@WagerWeb.com

Toll Free Phone (U.S.) - (877)512-7095, (800)701-2381, (800)509-7183

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