WWE Betting Guide

WWE LogoWWE betting is a great way for fans of wrestling to get into sports betting, and for fans of sports betting to get into wrestling. Wrestling catches a bit of a bad rap from sports bettors as being predetermined, which is entirely true. The predetermined nature of wrestling makes betting on it similar to betting on other entertainment events. Basically, think of betting on wrestling as similar to betting on something like The Masked Singer or Game of Thrones. But that shouldn’t take away from the excitement of it.

WWE is, by far, the biggest company in professional wrestling, and is the most well known in the mainstream. Their signature WrestleMania event is the biggest in the wrestling world and they even seek to transcend “wrestling” by branding themselves as “sports entertainment”. No matter what they call themselves, though, betting on the WWE is a breeze, and you can find the best ways to do it in this guide. We will also cover some information on the current pandemic plans for the WWE, the legality using online sportsbooks that take WWE bettors, and more!

Online Sportsbooks for Wagering on the WWE

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How To Bet Real Money On WWE Matches

When you want to sign up on one of these legal online sportsbooks, the first thing to do is find one that appeals to you. Whether you focus on aesthetics, usability or bonuses, there are sportsbooks out there that have the same priorities as you. We have reviews for many of the best online sportsbooks if you would like to examine any of them, over on the sidebar. The signup process for all of them is fairly straightforward - they want to get you onto their website, after all - and it can be beneficial, in terms of bonuses and other incentives, to sign up at multiple online sportsbooks to bet on WWE matches, as the lines may vary between sportsbooks.

Current WWE Odds

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

The way WWE betting works is that it’s focused on the events that occur. Right now, their schedule involves Raw on Mondays, Smackdown on Fridays, and NXT on Wednesdays. These odds are generally up the day before, so you can check for those odds on a weekly basis. Their major shows are generally monthly, and we’ll go into a bit more detail on those later, but the basic gist is WWE runs a main roster PPV every month and an NXT Takeover event at least every quarter. You’ll want to keep an eye on those odds more than anything else - the PPV’s and Takeover’s are the biggest events on a yearly basis.

WWE Bet Types

Generally, when betting on WWE results, you only have to know about moneyline betting. This is because there isn’t really a way to do a spread in a sport where the only thing that matters is who wins and who loses, and even that doesn’t matter sometimes in the storyline. Let’s take a look at some recent WWE odds, and explore what they mean.

Randy Orton vs. Edge:

  • Randy Orton -160
  • Edge +120

These odds mean that Randy Orton is the favorite in the match. His odds are -160, which means that you would have to bet $160 in order to win $100 if he wins. This is, of course, in terms of profit - you also get back your original stake.

Edge’s odds are underdog’s odds. His +120 odds mean that if you bet $100 dollars on him, you will receive a profit of $120 dollars. The basic thing to understand is that moneyline odds are normalized to a 100 dollar amount. If there is a minus sign before the odds, that number is how much you have to wager to win $100. If there is a plus sign before the odds, that number is how much you will win if you bet $100.

WWE Events To Bet On

WWE RingThe best way to think of WWE events is in terms of how big they are - there are basically several tiers of events.

Tier 1: WrestleMania - This is the biggest wrestling event of the year, and the biggest WWE betting event of the year as well. Generally it takes place in front of enormous crowds of around 100,000 people, and it is the biggest focus of the wrestling year - the place where storylines are concluded.

Tier 2: The other big PPV’s - Some PPV events are different than others, and there are four PPV events beyond WrestleMania that are generally regarded as the biggest in the game. These are Summerslam, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, and Money In The Bank.

Tier 3: Other PPV’s/NXT Takeovers: These are the rest of the non-television programming that the WWE offers. There will be odds on these events for days prior to the event occurring, as the card will generally be known in advance.

Tier 4: Weekly Television: You can also bet on the matches that are known to happen on the WWE’s weekly television shows. On Monday, they air Monday Night Raw, on Friday, Friday Night Smackdown, and on Wednesday, they air NXT.

Can I Bet On Live WWE Events?

Live betting on WWE events is a great way to get into wrestling, because once you’re familiar with how matches tend to play out, you can sort of see where the storylines are going in a way that can be beneficial as a gambler. WWE tells stories, and while they do try to keep people on their toes, it is sometimes apparent how a match will play out once it starts happening. This makes live betting a great way to engage with WWE betting and a great way to get started watching wrestling and noticing patterns as well. Live in game betting is available at many of the major online sportsbooks, but it tends to only be available for the larger events. WrestleMania, for example, will definitely have live betting. A random Smackdown? Not so much.

Is WWE Betting Available On Mobile Devices?

WWE MobileOnline mobile sportsbooks are also available on many of the major online sportsbooks. WWE shows take place at a set time, so if you’re on the go, or out to dinner, the best way to place bets on WWE is on your phone. The best major online sportsbooks offer mobile betting and all of our recommended sportsbooks fall into that category. When you visit their websites on a mobile browser, you will see a mobile version of the website. This mobile website is well optimized for any mobile device and retains the full functionality of the website as used on a computer. It’s a really simple procedure, and doesn’t require any kind of download in order to work.

Is It Legal To Bet On WWE Matches?

As far as legality goes, as long as you use one of the online sportsbooks outside of the US, you should be good to go. These sportsbooks avoid any red tape being located outside of the US. Given that state laws do not target users of sports betting websites, they are safe to use in most states.

What Other Wrestling Can I Bet On?

There is a new competitor to WWE that you will see if you peruse the wrestling section on many Online sportsbooks. This competitor is known as AEW, All Elite Wrestling. Their flagship show, AEW Dynamite, airs on TNT, and gets odds on many of the major online sportsbooks. They also air PPV’s, although as a new company, it’s unclear what their PPV schedule is - it’s not monthly, but it’s close to that. AEW is a good wrestling company, and if you’re looking for more wrestling betting, it could be a good idea to check them out as well.