Mobile Sports Betting For U.S. Players

With the ease of access to the Internet these days, mobile sports betting for U.S. players has become somewhat of a necessity. Betting sites have been developing mobile sportsbooks for USA players that allow bettors to wager on sports from literally everywhere... the stadium, the bar, the bathroom, out to dinner, and basically anywhere else that takes you away from where you would normally use a desktop or laptop to make your wagers. Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or even some Blackberry phones, there is a mobile sports betting site that accepts US players which is also compatible with your smartphone, tablet, etc...

Exactly what mobile sports betting sites entail, how to access a mobile sportsbook and which betting sites are compatible with your hardware/software are just a few of the things that will be discussed on this page. By the time you finish reading this, you will become well-versed on what options are offered to you from a mobile sports betting perspective... perhaps you will know even more about using whatever sportsbook to bet sports on-the-go better than some bookmaker's customer service representatives actually do.

What Exactly Is Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting is the ability to place wagers with your mobile device, such as through smartphone or tablet with some type of network access. In reality, it is no different than regular sports betting other than where you are able to place a bet.

Thanks to the advances in technology and faster mobile connections, bookmakers have been able to create mobile versions of the websites that are user-friendly for the majority of devices. Beyond that, nothing is missing from what bettors would see if they were sitting on their computer at home; all the same betting lines are available and new users even able to sign up and deposit right through their phone.

Mobile Sports Betting Sites For Americans

Bovada Mobile – Bovada is one of the most popular USA sportsbooksaround that offers mobile betting to their players. With the platform compatible with iOS devices plus Android-based operating systems, Bovada has a very friendly user-interface which works seamlessly no matter what type of smartphone or tablet you use.

If you've never wagered here before and need to register for a new account, it has been made very simple and easy to find on Bovada's mobile site. There are only just a few fields to fill and a few taps later you can be ready to put money into your new Bovada account.

Depositing into Bovada's sportsbook with a mobile device is perhaps even easier than via the desktop version. The mobile cashier presents bettors with the same funding options that are presented on the main website, making it easy to deposit with credit card or bitcoin/bitcoin cash.

BetOnline Mobile –BetOnline account holders and non-account holders are able to access the mobile betting site for the sportsbook. No download is required for your mobile device to be able to access the mobile sportsbook, saving you time and space on your smartphone/tablet. You can view the same selection of betting lines from your mobile, with all of the latest NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA betting odds.

BetOnline does have a 50% Welcome Bonus that gives you up to $1,000 extra on your initial deposit with code BOL1000, but there is more. You can redeem a $50 Mobile Betting Free Play just for making your first wager while on the go. If you happen to lose your mobile bet, the sportsbook will fully reimburse your account within 24 hours.

When you use the mobile sportsbook at BetOnline, you can quickly make deposits and request withdrawals. The fastest way to get money on and off your account is with bitcoin. Mobile sportsbook deposits and withdrawals are just as quick as with the desktop site, and you can get started wagering at BetOnline today! –The full sportsbook will be at your fingertips from your mobile device to allow you to place bets on-the-go. You don't have to worry about being gone from home and away from your computer anymore. is brought to you. You don't even need to download it.

Simply log on to the sportsbook from your mobile device, and the mobile site will be brought up to you. Sign into your account, or if you are not an account holder, sign up on the spot. Once inside the sportsbook, you can put money on any of the betting lines offered that you would normally see from your laptop/desktop computer.

All deposit options are on the table from the mobile site as well, including credit card and bitcoin deposits. Once you make your deposit, you can make a 100% risk-free mobile wager with the Mobile Betting $50 Free Play. If you make a bet and it wins, you’re in the money! If not, you can email the cashier to have your account reimbursed with a free play of the same amount. Create your mobile account and start betting at SportsBetting now.

5Dimes Sportsbook - Access to 5Dimes Sportsbook can come from your computer or your mobile device. For the sportsbook that has more betting lines than any other, this is certainly good news for bettors interested in wagering at 5Dimes. If you are out and about with friends or stuck at work where your computer is restricted to the sites you can access, fear not! Simply log into 5Dimes through your mobile device and place your wager this way.

All of the betting lines available at 5Dimes can be seen through their mobile site. This isn't an application that is downloaded through an application store. This is simply the site compatible with a mobile device that gives bettors the opportunity to join, deposit, and bet, so long as they have a connection to the Internet. It's pulled up through any browser that a user has on their device, there isn't a specific browser that is required.

One thing that bettors can download is a 'Bet Tracker' app from 5Dimes, which allows users to follow their bet history. Within seconds following the conclusion of a matchup where an outcome was wagered, this 5Dimes app will have the results sent to your mobile device.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites FOR USA Players
Best Mobile USA Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus USA Mobile Bookmakers
Bovada Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $250 Visit Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000 NEW! Visit BetOnline
Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520 Visit 5 Dimes
BetDSI Sportsbook Review 100% Up To $500NEW! Visit BetDSI
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000 NEW! Visit Sportsbetting
Supported Devices For Mobile Betting In The USA
  • iPhone - The Apple iPhone is the device that most mobile sports betting sites were designed for therefore you will have no trouble finding a USA sportsbook compatible with iPhone.
  • Android - Now the biggest player in the smartphone market, mobile sportsbooks would be making a huge mistake to exclude Android users which means if you own an Android and cannot access your bookmaker with it... you need a new bookmaker.
  • iPad - Just like the iPhone, the iPad works great when used to bet sports on-the-go. While bigger than it's counterpart, the iPad is a great option for live betting because of higher performance hardware (no lag).
  • Blackberry - This device is a tricky beast because there have been so many versions. It's hard to say if your particular Blackberry is compatible with the mobile version of sports betting sites only that you should be able to access the full version of the site and make wagers that way.
  • Windows Phone - While the Windows smartphone platform is gaining in popularity, it usually is not compatible with mobile sportsbooks optimized for Android or iOS. But it can still be used to make wagers through the normal website which users on regular terminal access to make their wagers.
  • Other Internet Capable Devices - We can only say that this will depend on the browser and software installed on your device. If you're using an Android-powered tablet then you will have no problem. If you're trying to access betting sites through your e-reader or similar device, it might not work. It doesn't hurt to try and even if you need to sign up for an account, everything is always free. Pay no money until you decide to deposit.
5 Reasons Why Mobile Betting Is Becoming More Popular
  • Convenience - Mobile betting allows you to access the sportsbook from wherever you are and you can easily place wagers from the palm of your hand. It only takes a few seconds to place a sports bet on a mobile app.
  • No Download - You do not even have to download anything to use these mobile sports betting sites. They pop up when you get to the site from your device through your web browser, and you are good to go.
  • All Betting Lines Are Offered - The mobile sites offer the full extent of the betting lines + sports wager types which would include live wagering as well. You are not restricted to certain sports odds by using the mobile site.
  • Compatible With Most Mobile Devices - Whether you have an iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, or other tablets, you can have access to these mobile sports betting sites.
  • All Features Come With Mobile Site - You get everything you would from the mobile sports betting site as you would on the sportsbook itself.
More About Mobile Sports Betting Sites Accepting USA Players

Mobile Sports Betting Bonuses + Promotions

From time to time, some websites introduce free sports betting bonuses exclusively for players that take advantage of the mobile version of the online sportsbook. This is in an attempt to drive traffic to that portion of their product which really expands their footprint. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the know about mobile betting, but those who do can benefit from $10 or $50 in free bets given to users. This is especially true if those bonuses are used to win more money for even bigger sportsbook payouts all by just betting in the mobile website!

  • Synopsis Of Mobile Sports Betting In The U.S.

Mobile sports betting is certainly the future of online sportsbooks as they are able to bring it to even more devices and draw more USA players into it because of it. Both the USA mobile sports betting sites and Americans that like to wager are mutually happy about this and therefore word spreads; before you know it, everyone is jumping in on the action.

The bottom line is that almost all that give it a try love it provided that they have a good network connection. What you may find is that you ditch betting on your home computer all-together. It really is convenient and bigger displays, more powerful hardware, etc... all only contribute to the list of reasons why someone would want to bet sports on their phone or tablet rather than firing up the ole desktop or lapper.