Legal Online Sports Betting In Maine

Wagering in sporting events is one of the oldest and most beloved forms of gambling, and a great way for gaming enthusiasts and sports lovers to enhance their enjoyment of any given athletic event; with that said, sports betting remains a prickly subject in the United States, and in fact it is widely criminalized in nearly every state. This is certainly the case in Maine. Those players looking for Maine sports betting opportunities will be disappointed to learn that sports betting in Maine is not, strictly speaking, legal. With that said, players who wish to bet on sporting events need not lose hope, as there are some opportunities to play, safe from any legal consequences—primarily, through licensed, offshore gaming sites.

This page will explore some of these issues in greater depth. Designed as an informative resource for Maine gamers—and sports betters, in particular—the page will first seek to explain some of the specific ins and outs of Maine’s stance on sports wagers. From there, we will outline the ways in which players can enjoy offshore gambling sites, free from any legal liability or potential dangers. We will even cite three specific sportsbooks that Maine residents can utilize without worry.

Maine Online Sportsbooks News

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New Jersey, Delaware, and Maine Next Up To Legalize DFS
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Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Maine?

The first issue to grapple with is that of Maine’s own regulations concerning gambling—and sports betting, in particular. This is a surprisingly complicated question. You see, it is certainly true that federal and state laws criminalize sports wagering, and that it is possible for Maine gamblers to find themselves facing legal complications when they place bets with street-level bookies. There is an obvious solution, however, and it is simply to go around the street-level bookies, and to seek out sportsbooks that are licensed and reputable.

You will not find any such sportsbooks on the streets of Maine, but you will find them online. Indeed, Maine gamblers, looking for a chance to place wagers on athletic events, need look no further than to the offshore, Internet bookmakers that are out there. While not every Internet bookmaker is reputable, many of them are—and playing with these bookmakers is a great way for Maine gamblers to enjoy the thrill of sports wagering without fear of legal consequences.

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Will Maine Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

With all of these legal stipulations aside, perhaps we should get down to the real question that is on the minds of many Maine residents: Will there be any risk of legal trouble, for those who bet on sporting events? Thankfully, the answer to this is a resounding no. There is no real risk of legal liability, if you place your bets through a licensed offshore bookmaker.

Why is this the case? Because Maine’s laws do not target gamblers; they target unlicensed gambling sites and street-level bookmakers. By using the services of a reputable, above-board bookmaker, then—a bookmaker with a license—players can avoid any risk of legal woes.

Where Can Maine Residents Bet Sports Online?

The tough part, for Maine residents, is finding a reputable online bookmaker. Avoiding the street-level bookies is one thing, but if you cannot gamble through them, who can you gamble with? The trick is to find an offshore sportsbook that is reliable, trustworthy, and, preferably, licensed. We have done the research on this matter for you, and come up with three highly recommendable sportsbooks—all of which will happily accept wagers from Maine gamblers.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Maine Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In Maine

The first online sportsbook on our list—one that no Maine resident should pass up—is Bovada Sportsbook. What makes Bovada so special? There are many reasons to recommend it, but one of the foremost ones is the level of trust that it inspires in players. Note that this online sportsbook is run by Meadway Leisure Limited, long known as one of the most esteemed names in online gambling and entertainment. The sportsbook is fully licensed by the Kahnwake Gaming Commission, in Canada. It is not hard to understand why this sportsbook is such a popular choice among Maine gambling enthusiasts, then.

And yet, there are plenty of further reasons to recommend Bovada Sportsbook. Here, you can bet on all manner of sporting events—from the Super Bowl to a local college game, from hockey to basketball to baseball. You can bet from your mobile phone, and you can always receive help from the sportsbook’s responsive, customer-centered help center. All told, this is an ideal avenue for Maine residents who wish to place bets on sporting events, as safely as possible.

BetOnline Sportsbook – All Maine Residents Welcome Here!

Maine residents will also want to take note of BetOnline Sportsbook, a well-respected name in the gambling industry ever since 1991. That it has stood for so long, and retained such a high level of prestige, tells you everything you need to know about BetOnline. Simply put, it is a bookmaker that Maine residents can rely on.

There are plenty of other features that set BetOnline apart. The site offers a “Betting Edge” page, which provides players with invaluable match stats, free picks, and more. Also, BetOnline Sportsbook has race betting and online casino games, so it truly marks an expansive and immersive gambling experience. For Maine gamers, this is a must!

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In Maine Allowed At 5Dimes

Finally, we turn our attention to the highly respectable and highly recommended 5Dimes Sportsbook. Like the other online bookmakers we have listed, 5Dimes is known for providing players with a totally above-board gambling experience. The site is run by the 5Dimes Group, a well-regarded and legitimate company, and it operates on a license from Costa Rica. Again, this is a safe and secure choice for any Maine gambling enthusiast.

The gambling experience offered by 5Dimes, meanwhile, is exemplary. Players can bet on all of their favorite sporting events. They can place parlays, monsters, spreads, and other kinds of bets. The bottom line is that it is another superlative choice for Maine residents who enjoy gambling. – Maine Residents’ Favorite Online Sportsbook is a UK based sportsbook that has been providing safe and convenient sports betting options to Maine residents for over 20 years. Just because it’s based in the UK doesn’t mean they won’t have your favorite American sports to bet on. On the contrary, offers more lines on American sports than most Nevada sportsbooks. This site has some of the best lines, and if you don’t absolutely love them, bookmakers offer a number of adjusted lines sure to fit your needs.

At this sportsbook, you’ll be able to create an account and fund it in just a few minutes. Bookmaker accepts a number of different deposit methods, including most major credit cards and Bitcoin. When you make your first deposit with bitcoin, you can earn up to $1,000. The sportsbook will match 100% of whatever you deposit yourself, giving you access to extra funds to begin betting with. You are also instantly added into their loyalty rewards program, where you earn points for every bet you make. Soon you’ll be earning deposit bonuses, cash prizes, and so much more, all while being able to bet on your favorite sports.

BetDSI Sportsbook –Incredible Betting Experience For Maine Residents!

Maine residents are legally able to use online, offshore sportsbooks in order to place bets on their favorite teams and players. But just because you find a sportsbook that is legal doesn’t mean you’ve found the right sportsbook for you. You want one that is going to meet your specific needs, one that will be able to give you everything you want with no hassle and no strain. BetDSI is that sportsbook. Here, you can expect lines on almost every sport you can think of.

Professional, semi-pro, and even collegiate games can be wagered on in a multitude of ways, right from your own home. You can even use your smartphone or tablet to place these bets, as BetDSI has a mobile betting site that anyone can use. This online sports betting platform has live in-game betting, overnight odds, parlay cards, and so much more. Streak contests and rewards programs with cash prizes are just the tip of the promotions iceberg at BetDSI. When you sign up today, you’ll instantly start earning points. BetDSI makes sports betting for Maine residents an incredible experience. What are you waiting for?

Maine Sports Betting Laws

With our individual bookmaker reviews out of the way, we might turn our attention once more to the State of Maine, and to its particular stance on sports betting. Again we must make note of two different sets of laws that are in play—the laws of Maine, and the laws of the federal government. Maine’s legislation is not particularly lenient toward online gambling, and federal laws outright criminalize those banking and telecommunications companies that assist in the placing of sports wagers—meaning, in other words, that there are potential legal consequences for the proprietors of online gambling sites.

The way for Maine players to bet safely, then, is—once more—to place bets through legitimate offshore bookmakers, like those we have listed.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Maine Residents Regulated?

What all of this means is that the State of Maine does nothing to regulate or monitor online betting transactions, which is something that might prove a bit concerning to some players. There is no need to worry about the lack of government supervision, however. Rather, it is simply important to make certain that you are betting through a reputable, licensed sportsbook—such as the three bookmakers we have reviewed on this site.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Maine

It is important for residents of the state to understand the full details about sports betting in Maine. Like most U.S. states, Maine does not take a particularly open or permissive view toward sports betting. This does not mean that Maine sports betting opportunities are impossible to find, however. The key is to ensure that you are gambling safely, and not risking any legal consequences—that is, by betting through a legitimate offshore bookmaker. We have offered three suggestions for places where Maine gamblers can do exactly that.


How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On Sports Online?

Generally, online sportsbooks will accept anyone who is over the age of 18. In Maine, the gambling age is 21, though. We recommend that you stick with your state’s prescribed age requirements. When betting on sports online, you’ll have to verify your age through certain documents, like a photo ID.

Can I Really Win Money?

Yes, you can really win money when betting on sports online. When you make a deposit into your account, the money you’re risking is as real as if you had taken cash to a casino. When you request a withdrawal, your account will be credited or you will receive a check in the mail. Everything is played for real money at these online sportsbooks.

Are Online Gambling Winnings Taxable?

This is a tricky question. Online gambling winnings are hard to track, and if you don’t declare them, the IRS has no way of knowing. But we still recommend you pay taxes on these winnings. Because if you are audited sometime down the road or the IRS is alerted to how much you’ve won, you’ll be hit with a fine and possible charges on top of owing back taxes on these winnings.

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