Legal Online Sports Betting In North Carolina

If you want to legally bet on sports in North Carolina, know that the state does not have any legalized or regulated sports betting options. To fill the void are a number of offshore online bookmakers that are willing to accept North Carolina residents which are all very safe to use. Since there is no state law prohibiting residents from betting on sports online, they can safely and legally use online sports betting services.

This page seeks to clarify issues related to online sports betting legalities. North Carolina bettors will find all the details they need to know about sports betting online on this page. Residents will also find a list of well-researched, tried, and tested online bookies where they can bet on their favorite local and international sports events.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in North Carolina?

Betting on the outcomes of sports events in North Carolina is against the state’s gambling laws. Simultaneously, the state does not clearly say that betting on sports events at offshore online bookies based in foreign countries is against the laws. Although the state has been prohibited by federal laws from legalizing sports betting, a number of illegal live bookies operate secretly. Residents must understand that it is not only illegal, but also dangerous to place bets with unlicensed bookies as nobody can help them if they get cheated.

The only legal way to bet on sports events in North Carolina is to sign up at legal offshore online sportsbooks, such as the ones we have recommended. These online sportsbooks operate from foreign countries and do not violate North Carolina’s laws in any way. They are all governed by the strict gambling regulations in gambling jurisdictions far away.

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Will North Carolina Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

North Carolina residents will not get into trouble for betting on sports events online simply because none of the laws in the state specify that it is illegal for them to do so. Since the state lacks clear online sports betting laws, it is unable to book any of its residents for illegal gambling although it warns residents against using offshore gambling sites. Residents are legally in the right if they register at any licensed offshore online sports betting site.

If anybody has to fear North Carolina’s law-enforcement agencies, it is illegal operators of bookmaking businesses. Clearly, it is illegal for bookmaking businesses to exist in North Carolina. Since the state does not license any live bookie or online sportsbook, it does not hesitate to penalize operators of such illegal bookie businesses.

North Carolina Betting Mistakes

Doing No Research

Doing your research is a vital part of placing successful bets at sportsbooks in North Carolina. No matter what you are doing in life, research makes things easier and that is still the case when gambling. Doing no research before you place bets is an avoidable mistake so keep that in mind.

Blaming Bad Luck

While luck is certainly a factor when gambling, blaming bad luck when you lose isn’t beneficial at all and is essentially you being in denial. Thinking you are being unlucky usually leads to you thinking luck will swing your way eventually. That is just a bad way of thinking when you are placing bets.

Where Can North Carolina Residents Bet Sports Online?

North Carolina residents can legally register at any of the offshore online sportsbooks we have listed below. You can rest assured that our team of experts has personally tested these online sportsbooks before handpicking them as the best online bookies for you. These bookies offer the best odds on America’s favorite league as well as college sports events.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept North Carolina Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To All Living In North Carolina

New US bettors at Bovada Sportsbook can collect as much as $1,750 in bonuses alone. Besides, Bovada’s promotions page is packed with opportunities to win prizes, grab offers, claim bonuses and rebates, and so on. Bovada also has a unique refer-a-friend program, in which bettors can claim a reward of up to $100 just for encouraging a friend to register.

New bettors will find it incredibly easy to bet on sports online at Bovada Sportsbook not only because of its user friendly interface, but also because of its excellent 24/7 customer care service. Bettors can contact a customer care representative through an online contact form and toll-free telephone.

Licensed in Kahnawake, Bovada Sportsbook comes with features such as live betting, mobile betting, and live video streams. Besides, there are fair odds on league hockey, football, baseball, and basketball matches.

BetOnline Sportsbook – North Carolina Bettors Welcome Here!

BetOnline Sportsbook is a licensed online betting venue for US bettors fond of betting on sports such as MMA, auto racing, hockey, ice hockey, golf, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis, boxing, and others. US bettors can not only bet on their favorite league matches and college sports events, but also on any international sports event that catches their interest. Besides, BetOnline is an ideal source for match statistics and the latest sports betting information.

Launched in 1991, BetOnline is especially popular in Canada and North America because of its reliable banking methods and quick payout processing methods. The best features of BetOnline Sportsbook is its Stats Centre and Betting Edge, where bettors can get the best match statistics, latest sports betting news, team profiles, hottest sports picks, odds analyses, and any other information that can help bettors make an informed decision.

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In NC Allowed At 5Dimes

5Dimes Sportsbook offers US bettors the widest betting options in the industry. As registered users of 5Dimes Sportsbook, bettors can place wagers on sports such as football, golf, basketball, ice hockey, and others. The online bookie offers several types of bets such as monsters, teasers, pleasers, if bets, parlays, spreads, lines, props, and others. There are two ways to bet on sports at 5Dimes Sportsbook; bettors can register either for a phone account or for an online account.

The hottest features of 5Dimes Sportsbook include 24/7 customer care service, safe and secure options, and a wide range of reliable US friendly banking methods. The online bookie also runs a wide range of time-bound promotions, which include generous bonuses, rebates, reduced juice options, and so on.

Since 5Dimes Sportsbook is a brand belonging to a bookmaking company that has been in business for several years, bettors can look forward to 100 percent safe and secure sports betting at 5Dimes Sportsbook. – Legal For North CarolinaPlayers

Bookmaker is one of, if not the, best legal online sportsbooks on the web. They have been providing quality service for years now and offer betting lines on all of your favorite teams and athletes. The wager types at Bookmaker are seemingly endless and the variety of banking options seems the same way. Bookmaker makes the whole deposit and payout aspect of their sportsbook as easy as it gets. You can make deposits with your Visa card, check, bank wire, money transfer, or bitcoin and there are even more options for payouts. While there are fee’s associated with most payout methods, they make sure it’s a quick and painless process.

If you enjoy quality bonuses, promotions, and variance across the board then Bookmaker is the ideal sportsbook for you. They cater to players of all skill levels and provide services for fans of any sport out there. Signing up takes just minutes and once you have signed up and deposited some money, you can start placing your wagers at Bookmaker Sportsbook.

BetDSI – Legit USA Online Sportsbook

BetDSI has been around since before internet gambling was even a thing. They began as a phone operator for an offshore bookmaker back in the early 90’s but by 1998, they opened their own sportsbook. After early struggles and several name changes over the years, BetDSI finally hit their stride by 2003 and since then they have become one of the top sites in the business. They offer gambling lines for North Carolina residents on sports all over the state, and the country as a whole.

If you have any other questions you can contact the incredible 24/7 customer service department at BetDSI Sportsbook. They are as helpful as it gets and are quick to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Take advantage of the endless perks associated with BetDSI Sportsbook and sign up for an account today.

North Carolina Sports Betting Laws

Since betting anything of value on sports events is not legal in North Carolina, residents will not find any legal sports betting options in the state. The state does not have any online sports betting laws. In other words, there is nothing in North Carolina’s law books, which clearly states that it is illegal for residents to bet on sports online. However, the state will not allow any bookmaker to run online or land-based bookmaking businesses although its residents are not prevented from registering at offshore online bookies. The state is prevented by certain federal laws from legalizing and regulating its sports betting industry.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting North Carolina Residents Regulated?

Since North Carolina does not have comprehensive sports betting laws, it lacks the power to license and regulate any bookmaking company. The state just does not license and authorize any bookie to run bookmaking businesses in its jurisdiction. All the offshore online sportsbooks that accept North Carolina bettors are neither licensed nor regulated in North Carolina, but players need not have any fear about registering because these bookies are all licensed and regulated in remote gambling jurisdiction.

You will never been cheated or scammed by any of the online bookmakers we have recommended on this page. These online sportsbook products belong to experienced and reputed bookie companies, many of which have been around for years. Since they are governed by strict gambling laws, they give top priority to customer protection and satisfaction, taking every step possible to protect customers from online fraud.

How Online Betting In North Carolina Could Really Support The Home Team

Since North Carolina is home to plenty of professional league as well as college sports events, the state could get rich if only it legalizes and regulates sports betting. In the meantime, residents have no other legal option, but that of signing up at offshore online bookies, some of which offer odds on collegiate sports as well as league sports matches.

North Carolina is home to three major professional teams such as the Women’s NBA Charlotte Sting, the NFL Carolina Panthers, and the NHL Carolina Hurricanes. The state is also home to several minor hockey, baseball, car racing, and golf teams.

North Carolina Online Sportsbooks FAQ’s

What are the minimum and maximum wagers?

The minimum and maximum wager requirements vary depending on the site you are using but they are clearly pointed out when you are placing your bets. You will typically see $10 or $20 minimums and up into the thousands for the maximums.

How do I collect my winnings?

You can collect your winnings by requesting a payout with your preferred withdrawal method. Each method varies as far as the time it takes to get to you. While a check may take a few weeks, bitcoin payouts could get to you in a few hours.

What types of bets are there?

There are quite a few different bet types in North Carolina and they are straight wagers, totals, parlays, prop bets, teasers, pleasers, if bets and more depending on the site you are using.

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