Legal Online Sports Betting In South Carolina

South Carolina has no online sports betting laws although it has a few outdated land-based sports betting laws. Placing bets with live bookies and running live bookie businesses in the state’s jurisdiction is against the law and one could get penalized for it. However, several offshore online bookies accept South Carolina players and the state has absolutely no online sports betting law preventing residents from signing up and placing bets online.

This page deals with online sports betting legalities in South Carolina besides presenting a brief overview of land sports betting laws in the states. We have also presented advice on the legality of placing bets online with offshore online sportsbooks. This page also contains a comprehensive list of safe and legal offshore online sportsbooks that accept South Carolina residents.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in South Carolina?

South Carolina gambling laws are rather vague and outdated. Since South Carolina is one of those US states prohibited by federal law from legalizing sports betting, you will not find any legalized and regulated sports betting options in South Carolina. If you come across a live bookie accepting bets in South Carolina, you will have to bring it to the notice of the authorities. The state does not license or authorize anybody to run bookie businesses in its jurisdiction and it is illegal for bookmakers to accept bets just as it is illegal for residents to place bets with such bookies.

Simultaneously, several offshore online bookies accept South Carolina bettors, and there is no law in the state’s law books that prevents residents from placing bets online at an offshore online bookie. The offshore online sportsbooks we have listed here accept South Carolina bettors and it is legal for South Carolina bettors to place bets with these bookies.

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Will South Carolina Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

The good news for South Carolina residents is that the state has so far not prosecuted any individual bettor just for placing bets on sports online. South Carolina residents will get into trouble if they deal with live bookies based in the state, but there are no laws specifically stating that it is illegal for them to place bets on sports at offshore online bookies.

The only people who will get into trouble with the law are unlicensed bookies operating underground. South Carolina does not authorize or license any bookie to run their businesses in its jurisdiction. Such illegal bookies will either get a prison term or a fine or both. But individual bettors placing bets at online bookies that are not even based in South Carolina have nothing to worry about.

Where Can South Carolina Residents Bet Sports Online?

Although South Carolina does not have any regulated sports betting options for its residents, several offshore online sportsbooks accept South Carolina residents. We know that it is difficult for South Carolina residents to identify the best online sportsbooks, owing to which we have carefully researched and identified the following.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept South Carolina Residents

Bovada Sportsbook – Open To Those Living In South Carolina

US bettors are fond of Bovada Online Sportsbook not only because of its fair betting odds and excellent 24/7 customer support system, which includes online contact form and toll-free telephone, but also because of its lucrative promotions and generous bonuses. The online bookie welcomes new bettors with as much as $1,750 in bonuses and gives them the opportunity to claim up to $100 more by encouraging their friends to sign up for real money.

Bovada Sportsbook comes with alluring features such as mobile betting, live streaming of significant sports events, in-play betting, and live betting, Besides, the online sports betting site gives bettors the opportunity to place well-informed and winning bets by presenting the latest sports betting news, free picks, odds analyses, and other invaluable betting information.

Since Bovada Sportsbook is licensed in Kahnawake in Canada, bettors can look forward to the ultimate online sports betting experience in a safe and secure atmosphere.

BetOnline Sportsbook – Free For South Carolina Residents To Join

BetOnline Sportsbook, a popular online sports betting product launched in 1991 by a prestigious online gambling company, is home to invaluable betting information such as match stats, odds analyses, free picks, and sports betting news. To get started at BetOnline Sportsbook, bettors have to register for real play and fund their accounts using safe and reliable banking methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, to mention just a few.

Since BetOnline is licensed and regulated, bettors can rest assured of the best possible online sports betting experience in a secure gambling environment. Besides, BetOnline’s promotions page is packed with attractive opportunities in the form of new player bonuses, rewards for loyalty, reduced juice options, contests, seasonal offers, and much more. BetOnline Sportsbook also has a highly effective customer support system with customer care representatives willing to assist bettors round the clock.

5Dimes Sportsbook – All Bettors In South Carolina Allowed At 5Dimes

5Dimes Sportsbook, one of the favorite online bookies of US bettors, can place bets on their favorite league and college sports matches either over the phone or online. Attractive lines on basketball, football, and baseball are available to online bettors at any time of the day or night. Besides, there is an effective customer support system, which includes 24-hour service.

Besides an online sportsbook, 5Dimes also offers a racebook, an online lotto, and an online casino. Since 5Dimes is a licensed and regulated gambling company, bettors can rest assured of the best possible gambling experience at 5Dimes. The highlights of this online bookie are exciting promotions, generous bonuses, and lucrative betting options. Bettors can experiment with bet types such as lines, spreads, teasers, pleasers, monsters, and others. There is no dearth of betting opportunities at 5Dimes Sportsbook because it covers all favorite US sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and others. – Best Online sportsbook For South Carolina Residents

South Carolina residents who are looking for a sportsbook that will bring them all of the action without any of the hassles should head over to This legal online sportsbook allows residents to bet on all of their favorite events, from football to soccer and everything in between. International events like the Olympics, World Cup, and others will always have odds on these books, as well as your average regular season baseball game. Basically, if there’s a game, you can bet on it here. is easy to sign up for. In seconds, your account will be activated, and you can begin perusing all of the features the book has for you. When you choose to deposit, consider using bitcoin. offers a welcome bonus up to $1,000 for bettors funding their account with bitcoin. This site has a corresponding mobile betting site, as well as a comprehensive section full of articles, tips, and strategies on how to bet on sports. should be at the top of the list for South Carolina sports bettors.

South Carolina Sports Betting Laws

Forming sports pools and placing bets on the outcomes of sports events is currently against the law. But it is worth noting that South Carolina’s sports betting laws are directed at operators, and not at players. The laws are specifically designed to prevent operators from running bookie businesses in the state’s jurisdiction. Individual bettors are also prohibited by law from placing bets with illegal bookies based in the state. But, as previously mentioned, the state has absolutely no online sports betting laws. No part of the law criminalizes the act of placing bets on sports events at offshore online sportsbooks.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting South Carolina Residents Regulated?

None of the online sportsbooks that accept South Carolina residents are regulated by the state. This is because the state is in no position to issue licenses to and regulate bookmaking companies as it has not even legalized sports betting. Besides, the state does not even have any online sports betting laws.

However, bettors need not feel that offshore online sportsbooks are illegal just because they do not have a South Carolina license. Offshore online bookies are 100 percent legal because they run under licenses issued by regulatory bodies in offshore countries. To retain their licenses, they need to maintain high standards of honest, security, and integrity. None of these online bookies will ever cheat South Carolina bettors of their winnings.

Teams That South Carolina Residents Like To Bet On

Although South Carolina does not have any major professional sports teams, residents are interested in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. The state is home to several minor, semi-professional, and college sports teams. Several horse races, tennis tournaments, and golf tournaments are regularly held in South Carolina.

Favorite college teams are the Clemson Tigers. South Carolina is also fond of skiing, car racing, fishing, and water skiing. The state could generate plenty of sports betting revenue if it legalizes the industry, but this is not possible in the near future. In the meantime, bettors can bet on their favorite local teams at offshore online bookies.


Is It Safe To Bet Online?

It is incredibly safe to bet online. Using an online sportsbook that is located overseas ensures that South Carolina residents are not violating any state or federal sports betting laws, so you’re legally clear. These sites also rely on their reputations remaining pristine, so they make sure they have the best security features. From firewalls to encryption technology, your information has never been safer.

Do Online Sportsbooks Accept Bitcoin?

While not every online sportsbook offers bitcoin as a banking option, all of the sportsbooks recommended on this page do. This digital currency is available for both deposits and withdrawals on these books. Some even have extra bonuses or fee waivers when you use bitcoin as your banking method.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Bitcoins Secure?

Using a hardware wallet or paper wallet are the best ways to keep bitcoins secure. Hardware Wallets cannot have anything downloaded on to them, so malware and spyware won’t be able to find their way onto the wallet. Paper wallets have their private and public keys created while the site is offline, meaning that you are the only one who sees the private key. Neither wallet can be hacked into, so they are the best way to keep your bitcoin secure.

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