College Football Defensive Statistics 2020

Defense in college football seems to have a potential on the outcome of a game one way or another more so than its professional counterpart. You don't often hear the term 'shootout' used in the NFL very often prior to a game. Of course that occurs when there is a lack of defense. But knowing good defenses from bad defenses can be every bit as important to knowing other facets of the game. Insert college football defenses statistics.

For complete information on all areas defensively for college football, consult this defensive stats page for college football, with the table below outlining the best of the best when it comes to slowing down an offense.

There are a few different ways to look at this though. Depending on which category you are most interested in, it will rank the teams differently. For example, a team's rank in points per game allowed will most likely be different than total yards allowed.

But this defensive breakdown takes it even a step further. Get information on how many yards rushing a team gives up, passing yard, rush attempts they have on them per game as well as pass attempts and more. Even information on how long the defense is on the field is available.

What this adds up to is a complete picture of college football defenses top to bottom spanning the FBS, for which there are 119 teams and numerous college football matchups every week. Be sure to check this out below and check out a team to see how they stack up against the rest of the country.

The same basic type of information spans offensive college football statistics as well. Most of the categories will be the same, though obviously focused from an offensive standpoint. Teams in college football can put up a lot of offense so you can expect to see some high and impressive numbers.

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