NBA Offensive Stats

NBA offenses are putting up gaudy numbers each season, as the game has definitely progressed in the direction of offensive-minded. With the athletes becoming bigger, stronger, and faster, it's hard to defend. Let's also not forget the fact that rule changes make it more difficult to guard and defend as well.

From the perspective of betting, researching information on offensive statistics in the NBA can be among the best information that you can find... just as important as researching defensive statistics. You will find a ton of great statistical information relating to NBA offenses below on the table. This can be extremely useful to your prospective wagers or the matchups that you are looking into. Comparing offenses side-by-side in the most important areas can be the difference between winning and losing money.

The basic offensive information found below will be the points scored per game. This will rank the top scoring offenses in the league down to the bottom. This is actually something that can be done for each category seen. There are nine different facets of offense that bettors take a look at and review. Scoring breaks down into the total scoring, as well offensive output at home, versus on the road. There can be some big discrepancies between the two numbers, which is information that can be used as an advantage.

Continuing through the categories of offense that are available for users to review, is field-goal and free-throw percentages. These are separate, but in general, they relates back to how a team shoots.

Aspects of offense that often get overlooked are the assists to turnovers ratio. With this, it's not overlooked because the information is right there on the screen. It's all about finding the right matchup where a bet can be made. Utilizing the table will provide several ways to get help. For those interested, the defensive statistics similar to this can also be found in that section, so there will be opportunities to check things out from all angles.