Offensive Statistics For College Football 2020

If there is one thing we know about college football it's that some big offensive numbers can be put up, much more so on average than the NFL. A team that averages 40 points in college might rank in the top-15 or so. Contrast that with the NFL and they would be leading the league hands down.

There are plenty of statistical breakdowns within a college football offense to be aware of as well. Such things include total offensive yards per game and points per game which are probably the two most well know. But this page takes it quite a bit further, breaking down rushing yards per game, passing yards per game, time of possession on offense and more.

The table below ranks the teams in the different categories as well. For example, readers can click on any one of the categories and teams will auto-rearrange themselves into the new order for the top teams in that statistic.

The default setting would be total points on offense, which as any coach or player knows if arguably the most important aspect. It's all about putting point up on that board and giving your team the best chance to win.

This is your home for everything relating to offense for college football teams, and find great matchups for the weekly games to look at wagering on CFB games.

The Other Side Of The Ball Is Also Very Important

Defense plays a role every bit as important as the offense. If a team doesn't score, the likelihood of winning that game is quite high. Just like complete offensive stats are formed on this page, there is another page where this information, and information like this related to defensive stats in college football are found.

Places Where You Can Make Money Off These Stats

American online sports betting sites come up with a wide variety of college football betting odds and there are no shortage of sports betting sites to visit. For offensive stats, it's not just about the game lines that are wagered on, but player prop odds based on offensive performances can be key in determining which side of a wager the result will come out on.