College Football Weekly Schedules For 2024 Season

Knowing the weekly college football schedule is the best way to stay ahead when betting on college football. Every week there are multiple matchups with betting lines available at online sportsbooks taking USA players. Fans looking to cash in should make note of these matchups in order to maximize their betting potential. Knowing when major teams are facing one another, the games leading up to the biggest matchups, how teams performed in previous weeks, and how many games are remaining in the season are all basic information that can be gathered from the weekly schedule and help benefit bettors when taking action. The schedule is one of the first things players should look for when betting on college football.

Online Sportsbooks for College Football

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All The Things This Tool Can Do For You

Dates + Times + Locations - College football is different from NFL kickoff times in that the kickoff can take place at different times throughout the season. They are not set at the beginning of the season. The top games of the week will be decided a week or two out, and when those times are announced come check them out here.

Week to Week Updates - The weekly schedule updates will typically come out on Sunday after the conclusion of the games from the week before. But if other game times are known prior, it's possible to come out early. You can be confident that you will be updated on when games are kicking off well in advance.

Look Ahead To Later Weeks Of The Season - If the game times are known weeks in advance, then readers can check out those schedule times down the line. The dates of the game are set in stone, so readers can check out which teams play each week for the season, even if the season just started.

Wagering + Betting Lines -The points spread, moneyline, and over/under total will be a staple in the weekly schedules that you will come across. This will tell the reader the favorite and underdog for the matchup.

Consensus Picks - If you are having a tough time picking a game, view the consensus pick. This is the choice that most of the bettors have gone with. It is indicated by a percentage for both teams.

Game Preview + Look Ahead - Important information on a particular matchup such as the history of a game in recent years or injury information will be among the things included in a short game preview + matchup provided. This is for extra information on the two teams in the game.

SuperGrid Stats Matchup - A complete breakdown for stats for both teams in a given matchup are provided here. Both offense and defense are covered, giving a reader everything that they could want relating to statistics.

Complete Matchup Breakdown - Put the offenses and defenses of the two teams side by side and compare them. If a reader sees a matchup that they like, then it’s time to take a shot and bet on that one.

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Bovada SportsbookWeekly betting odds can be found at Bovada Sportsbook. Bovada provides bettors with fresh new college football betting lines for the new weekly schedule. But outside of those betting odds, the information we talked about above on come straight from Bovada as well.

That weekly schedule page you viewed, that is all Bovada. They are dedicated to information on college football to help the bettors make smart and educated decisions based off offensive + defensive stats, matchups, and a variety of other factors; not just throwing a dart at a board.