2024 NBA Finals Betting

NBA Finals Betting

With the NBA Finals being the ending to the end of the season of one of the most exciting and bet-on sports in the US, online sports betting sites offer odds for the 2024 Finals before the 2023-24 season even begins. Whether betting on the preseason favorite or an underdog team with long odds and a young star, these betting sites can help NBA fans and online bettors win big. There are many NBA betting sites that are secure and trusted by US bettors that have many different deposit methods including cryptocurrency and credit cards. There are also big bonuses up for grabs and same-day payouts available for all NBA Finals winnings.

Top Online Sportsbooks For NBA Finals Wagering

NBA Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReviewExclusive 50% Bonus Code up to $1000!
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Xbet SportsbookReview100% Up To $300
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2023-24 NBA Finals Betting

Even though they dominated the 2023 NBA Playoffs, the Denver Nuggets opened up with second shortest odds to win the championship in 2024. The Boston Celtics were given the shortest odds to win it all after the 2023 season but fell short in the 2022 Finals and again in the 2023 Conference Finals.

NBA Finals MVP Betting

Another way to bet on the NBA Finals is to bet on which player will win the NBA Finals MVP Award. Not to be confused with betting on the NBA MVP, the Finals MVP usually goes to the most impactful player in the NBA Finals and the odds are usually posted when the Conference Finals have been decided.

Placing a future NBA Finals MVP wager at online sportsbooks in the US is the best way to bet on the NBA Champion without having to worry about which team wins or loses a game. Betting on a player to have an overall outstanding series is a lot easier for bettors to predict than betting on a team to win the championship. However, the Finals MVP is almost always from the winning team. As we get closer to the NBA Finals continue to check here for the latest Finals MVP betting odds once they are posted.

Best Bonuses For Betting On The NBA Finals

There are big sportsbook bonuses for all new and existing players at online betting sites that can be used to bet on the NBA Finals and all NBA postseason props. These bonuses have up to $1,000 up for grabs for new players and can make any future wager on the Finals twice as profitable. For online sportsbooks that are operated and licensed internationally, the biggest bonuses for new and existing players can be redeemed through cryptocurrency deposits. The amount of betting credit available and rollovers attached vary per sportsbook and the details can be found below:

Sportsbook Bonus Type Max Bonus Rollover
Bovada New Player $250 5x
BetOnline Crypto Existing Player $350 8x
MyBookie New Player $1,000 10x
MyBookie New Player $1,000 10x
XBet Existing Player No Limit (25% Match) 6x

Best Deposit Methods For NBA Finals Betting

Sportsbook deposit methods vary by site but there are many secure options at online NBA sportsbooks, with payments that work for every single player. The internationally regulated sportsbooks are the only current books to offer betting with cryptocurrency which is one of the most secure ways to bet on sports in America. There are no fees involved for any cryptocurrency transactions and sportsbook deposits with Bitcoin are processed instantly.

Online Deposit Methods At Bovada

Payment Method Min Deposit Max Deposit Fees Attached
Visa/Mastercard $20 $1,500 15.9%
Bitcoin/Litecoin $10 $5,000 No Fees
Tether/Ethereum $50 $5,000 None
MatchPay $20 $1,000 Done
Direct Bank Transfer $50 $450 Vary

Best Online Sportsbooks With NBA Finals Odds

Bovada Sportsbook

The Best NBA Sportsbook

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is simply the best option for most people in America that want to bet on the NBA. Their odds on local teams are better than retail books, and they are available in 45 states across America, more than any of the state-regulated books. Bovada offers very solid services - a great website, excellent mobile betting options, and very good bonuses. Whether you want to bet NBA futures odds, NBA game lines, NBA point totals or NBA prop bets, you can find all of the above at Bovada’s excellent sportsbook.

BetOnline Sportsbook

No Fees With Crypto Betting

BetOnline Sports Betting

With odds for the NBA Finals available all year long at BetOnline, players of the sportsbooks can wait for the perfect time to bet on who they think will be the last team standing in 2024. These wagers are even more profitable when depositing into BetOnline with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because there are no fees attached for any deposits or withdrawals. Whether depositing $50,000 or requesting a $100,000 payout, there are no fees with crypto, and all of the NBA Finals winnings from every player can be received directly.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Future Betting On The NBA

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie offers not just future wagers for the winner of the NBA Finals, but they have odds for the winner of each conference and division available all year long. Even if the NBA is in the offseason, there are odds for the Warriors to repeat in the West and the Celtics in the East. Whenever the postseason is around the corner, MyBookie generates future odds for player wards like the Finals MVP winner and the exact outcome of the playoffs. If wanting to bet on the Brooklyn Nets losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals, MyBookie has long odds for that future wager that would result in a big payout.

Past NBA Champion Odds

Year: Team: Preseason Odds: Pre-Playoff Odds:
2021-2022 Golden State Warriors +900 +1000
2020-2021 Milwaukee Bucks +550 +800
2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers +450 +280
2018-2019 Toronto Raptors +1850 +975
2017-2018 Golden State Warriors -187 +137
2016-2017 Golden State Warriors -128 -173
2015-2016 Cleveland Cavaliers +280 +475
2014-2015 Golden State Warriors +2800 +175
2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs +1200 +330
2012-2013 Miami Heat +225 -125
2011-2012 Miami Heat +225 +200
2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks +2000 +1800
2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers +225 +225
2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers +350 +160
2007-2008 Boston Celtics +1000 +180
2006-2007 San Antonio Spurs +450 +400
2005-2006 Miami Heat +350 +500
2004-2005 San Antonio Spurs +400 +250
2003-2004 Detroit Pistons +1500 +700
2002-2003 San Antonio Spurs +1100 +250
2001-2002 Los Angeles Lakers +200 +140
2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers +180 +300
1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers +400 -125
1998-1999 San Antonio Spurs +450 +350
1997-1998 Chicago Bulls +140 +140
1996-1997 Chicago Bulls +100 -200
1995-1996 Chicago Bulls +350 -400
1994-1995 Houston Rockets +450 +1800
1993-1994 Houston Rockets +1200 +600
1992-1993 Chicago Bulls +120 +300
1991-1992 Chicago Bulls +250 -200
1990-1991 Chicago Bulls +700 +250
1989-1990 Detroit Pistons +300 +200
1988-1989 Detroit Pistons +400 +160
1987-1988 Los Angeles Lakers +120 -167
1986-1987 Los Angeles Lakers +400 -250
1985-1986 Boston Celtics +250 -167
1984-1985 Los Angeles Lakers +200 +120

Previous NBA Finals Winners

The NBA is defined by the champions, and by looking at the previous winners, we can see the NBA age, grow and transform, from the age of the Bill Russell Celtics to the Steph Curry Warriors. The NBA is a league steeped in history, and the championship is a huge part of that. Below you can find a list of the NBA’s champions, from most recent to least recent. Keep in mind that there are some teams on here who no longer exist, or have renamed.

  • 2022 Golden State Warriors
  • 2021 Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2020 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2019 Toronto Raptors
  • 2018 Golden State Warriors
  • 2017 Golden State Warriors
  • 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2015 Golden State Warriors
  • 2014 San Antonio Spurs
  • 2013 Miami Heat
  • 2012 Miami Heat
  • 2011 Dallas Mavericks
  • 2010 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2009 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2008 Boston Celtics
  • 2007 San Antonio Spurs
  • 2006 Miami Heat
  • 2005 San Antonio Spurs
  • 2004 Detroit Pistons
  • 2003 San Antonio Spurs
  • 2002 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2001 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2000 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1999 San Antonio Spurs
  • 1998 Chicago Bulls
  • 1997 Chicago Bulls
  • 1996 Chicago Bulls
  • 1995 Houston Rockets
  • 1994 Houston Rockets
  • 1993 Chicago Bulls
  • 1992 Chicago Bulls
  • 1991 Chicago Bulls
  • 1990 Detroit Pistons
  • 1989 Detroit Pistons
  • 1988 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1987 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1986 Boston Celtics
  • 1985 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1984 Boston Celtics
  • 1983 Philadelphia 76ers
  • 1982 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1981 Boston Celtics
  • 1980 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1979 Seattle SuperSonics
  • 1978 Washington Bullets
  • 1977 Portland Trail Blazers
  • 1976 Boston Celtics
  • 1975 Golden State Warriors
  • 1974 Boston Celtics
  • 1973 New York Knicks
  • 1972 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1971 Milwaukee Bucks
  • 1970 New York Knicks
  • 1969 Boston Celtics
  • 1968 Boston Celtics
  • 1967 Philadelphia 76ers
  • 1966 Boston Celtics
  • 1965 Boston Celtics
  • 1964 Boston Celtics
  • 1963 Boston Celtics
  • 1962 Boston Celtics
  • 1961 Boston Celtics
  • 1960 Boston Celtics
  • 1959 Boston Celtics
  • 1958 St. Louis Hawks
  • 1957 Boston Celtics
  • 1956 Philadelphia Warriors
  • 1955 Syracuse Nationals
  • 1954 Minneapolis Lakers
  • 1953 Minneapolis Lakers
  • 1952 Minneapolis Lakers
  • 1951 Rochester Royals
  • 1950 Minneapolis Lakers
  • 1949 Minneapolis Lakers
  • 1948 Baltimore Bullets
  • 1947 Philadelphia Warriors