NBA Defensive Stats

Defense might be overshadowed in the highlight reel on SportsCenter in the NBA, but we can guarantee you those players, coaches, and oddsmakers believe that it still plays a very important role. As a result, this page is all about defense in the NBA.

For every defensive statistic and how a team ranks compared to the rest of the NBA this is the page that you want to check out. The table below is able to breakdown the different defensive strengths and weaknesses of teams. That way when choosing a specific game to wager on this research how defensive matchups could go a long way to help you win a bet.

There are nine different defensive categories that teams are assigned in the table. Clicking at the top of each column will rearrange the order of the teams in the ranking of the best-to-worst. The default setting is the points per game allowed.

At the end of the day, it's about how many points a team gives up. The less points given up, the higher the team is ranked under that category. All 30 NBA teams and the points they allow are covered and updated throughout each game during the season.

But then the table takes it a step further, where the points given up at home are compared to those given up on the road. This can be instrumental depending on where the team is playing. If a team plays lockdown defense at home, but gives up quite a bit more on the road, then that is certainly important information to pay attention to.

Additionally, breakdowns of field-goal percentages and three-point percentages allowed are covered, which details how a team let's opponents shoot on them. Teams that don't allow a high percentage of made shots going up against a team that shoots the ball poorly would definitely be a favorable matchup. This can be easily compared on the offensive statistics page that we have as well.

Navigating further across the table, the categories of rebounds, steals, and the number of assists allowed per game are also found. They are smaller parts of a defense that ultimately add up to either good or bad defense. There will be a lot of consistency across the board for teams that play both good defense, and bad. And remember, knowing which teams play poorly on defense can be every bit as useful as knowing which ones play well.

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