NBA Team Schedules

Bet on the CFP at BovadaThe NBA Schedule is released every fall right around the start of the NBA Summer League. NBA fans and bettors alike can choose between viewing the entire league's or their favorite team's schedules. Each team's schedule can play a key role in betting strategies for each season. Using the schedules to bet on teams based on rest, opponent difficulty, and nationally televised games are all among those chief betting strategies.

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Key Features Of The NBA Schedule

The schedule for each team provides insights into potential back-to-back games, three games in four nights, and which teams have the most nationally broadcasted games. All three of those insights are relevant for those betting at online NBA sportsbooks for various reasons.

Back-To-Back Games: Betting against teams on the second night of a back-to-back is a largely successful strategy for bettors who key in on the schedule. During the 2022-2023 season, only 12 teams covered the spread in more than half of their games coming off no rest, with the other 18 teams all 50% or worse against the spread.

Three Games In Four Nights: Tired legs play a large role in teams suffering on the back end of a back-to-back, but teams that have to play a third game with just one night in between can also struggle. Many bettors do not do enough research into past schedules other than the night before, so this is a way to get a leg up on the field.

Nationally Broadcast Games: Nationally broadcast games prove fruitful for bettors because the NBA puts more pressure on star players to play, making the games easier to predict. Checking on the national TV schedule can also prove valuable for those who bet on player awards because national exposure plays a key role in who can collect votes.

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Other Features Found On Each Team's Schedule

The other function of the NBA schedules tool is to list out each division and the teams within them. This is the main team-by-team schedule page. Users are able to click through the different team pages and view the schedules.

For example, if you were to click into the Boston Celtics schedule, there would be details of all the results from previous games played that year, plus upcoming games on the season. It wouldn't just be the score though; there is other valuable information that can be collected. This includes what the spread was and who covered in their games for those who placed a wager with any USA sports betting website. Finally, a recap of the game can also be found, which will go over some of the important details of the game both from a general overview and with relevant betting information.

The upcoming slate of the schedule has the date of the game, the opponent, and the time of the game that's available. This will go all the way down through the completion of the regular season.

Users are able to click back three years as well, with complete results of all games played for the last three years of each team. Information like this can be used for specific team matchups when research is done for point spreads and past history to determine NBA betting trends.

How To Use This Information

One interesting way to use information like this, especially spread covers and trends, is that you can start to pay attention to patterns of results, and patterns of play. Sports betting is fundamentally about finding patterns and exploiting them to gain an advantage, and when you have all of this data available, you should be able to see things better than if you were simply looking at the games that will be played on a given day. Schedules can help contextualize a teams performance over the whole season, and present the data in a useful, well-ordered manner.