2022 NFL Draft Betting: Last Minute Prop Bets

  • Deebo Samuel has +300 odds to be traded during the NFL Draft.
  • The order of Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Matt Corral, and Desmond Ridder has +300 odds to be the order of QBs selected.
  • There are +125 odds on the first overall pick hugging his mom first.

LAS VEGAS – The NFL Draft is just hours away and there are still plenty of prop bets to pick and choose from before the first round gets underway. Some of these props include draft trades, draft orders, and first overall pick props.

Draft Night Trades

Who Will Be Traded First On Draft Night?

  • Baker Mayfield +200
  • Jimmy Garoppolo +250
  • Deebo Samuel +300
  • AJ Brown +400
  • DK Metcalf +450

There have been plenty of trade rumors leading up to the NFL Draft involving some big named players. Both Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo, the top two favorites, have been linked to rumors specifically with the Carolina Panthers.

However, the Panthers have recently come out shutting down those rumors which could mean they are selecting a quarterback.

Similarly, the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks have made it clear that neither AJ Brown nor DK Metcalf will be on the move.

That leaves San Francisco 49ers receiver, Deebo Samuel as the likely option. Samuel did request a trade in the weeks leading up to the draft and has been linked to the New York Jets who have reportedly offered the No. 10 overall pick.

With that, Samuel’s NFL Draft odds are offering tremendous value right as some are saying that this is the only option for the 49ers if they want to move their star WR.

QB Draft Order

Order Of QBs Drafted

  • Willis Pickett, Ridder, Corral +250
  • Willis, Pickett, Corral, Ridder, +275
  • Pickett, Willis, Ridder, Corral +275
  • Pickett, Willis, Corral, Ridder, +300

If there is one thing to note about this draft, it is that it is a two-man race for the first QB selected between Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett, both of who have been linked to the Carolina Panthers at pick no. 6.

The Panthers could look to go the dual-threat route and take Willis as that is the style of play they are used to at the position which dates back to the Cam Newton days.

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However, Pickett does have more experience having come from an ACC school in Pitt, unlike Willis who didn’t get much competition at Liberty.

As for the later picks, Matt Corral has been linked to the Pittsburgh Steelers for some time now as he is almost the exact style of QB that Ben Roethlisberger was for them. The Steelers have pick 20 here and could very well explore that.

The Steelers would likely have to trade up from 20 to get him as the New Orleans Saints are another team that has been linked to QBs.

As for Desmond Ridder, the Saints have been reportedly uneasy with Jameis Winston under center and could look to move on in the draft.

It really all comes down to Willis and Pickett, and with many arguing that Pickett is the better option, the +300 odds on online sportsbooks could turn a nice profit.

Number One Pick Prop Odds

Who Will No. 1 Pick Hug First?

  • Dad +110
  • Mom +125
  • Sibling +500
  • Friend +750
  • Girlfriend +800
  • Agent +1200

These odds come down to who the draft prospect is sitting next to at the moment that their name is called. More often than not, the player is sitting in between their parents which leads to the first hug going to the mom or dad.

Over the last five drafts though, the player selected first overall has gone for a hug with dad four of the five times. The one that stands out came just in the 2021 draft when Trevor Lawrence embraced his girlfriend first.