3 Events You Never Knew You Could Bet On

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- There is a common misconception when it comes to placing wagers through a sportsbook; that all bets must be sports-related. Contrary to popular belief, there are a bunch of events bettors never knew existed that are ripe for wagering. Three of the most popular bets on sportsbooks are the Emmys, political elections, and eSports.


Sportsbooks have a ton of odds when it comes to the 71st annual Emmys Award Show. The Emmy Awards are awards given to actors and those in the prime-time television business. Wagers can be taken until September 14th, the actual day of the awards show and up to hours before it begins. Game of Thrones has the best odds to win show of the year with -475. Not even a close second is the television show Killing Eve with odds of +450. Anyone that loves television will be happy to know that they can now wager on their favorite nominees to win, making that annual Emmys party they throw that much more exciting.

Political Betting

When it comes to political wagers, sportsbooks are flooded with them as its presently campaign season. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been given the best odds to win a spot on the 2020 Presidential Election ballot. He has odds of +275 while candidate Elizabeth Warren is right behind him with odds of +300. As for which political party will take the White House, the odds are evenly split at -115 apiece. If you’re a political buff, these wagers are right up your alley. Why not put some skin in the game for politics? Sports fans can’t have all the fun.

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eSports is the third most popular wager that is not at all related to your typical sports bet. eSports is for the actual gamer in all of us. These bets are based on global competitions happening in the world of video games. There are plenty of bets listed on sportsbooks for eSports events. In the ESL ANZ (Australian and New Zealand) Championship happening on August 15th at 4:30 am, Syf Gaming is favored with odds of -290 to beat Bizarre Gaming who currently holds odds of +205 for the match.

USAOnlineSportsbooks.com knows that no matter what you like, there is always a wager on your sportsbook that will pique your interest. Remember, sporting events are not the only bets that sports betting sites allow members to wager on. Peruse your site and you’ll find that there is a whole world outside of sports just waiting for bets to be placed.