3 Plus Money NBA Daily Specials Bets On Bovada 3/8/23

  • Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Jokic, and Donovan Mitchell have +100 odds to each score 20 points.
  • There are +120 odds for Jokic, Nikola Vucevic, Kevin Durant, Kawhi, and Jakob Poetl to combine for 48+ rebounds.
  • There are +150 odds on Zach LaVine, KD, Kawhi, Pascal Siakam, and Paul George to combine for 130+ points.

LAS VEGAS – Throughout the NBA season, Bovada offers hundreds of NBA specials that are offered daily throughout the season. Their NBA specials usually consist of odds on players combining for stats in different categories.

N. Jokic, K. Leonard, Do. Mitchell To Score 20+ Points Each

  • Yes +100

These odds can be taken without any hesitation as online sportsbooks might have dropped the ball on this one and set the odds way too low considering what all three of these players are doing. Each Nikola Jokic (24.4 ppg), Kawhi Leonard (23.3 ppg), and Donovan Mitchell (27.6 ppg) are each averaging well over 20 ppg this season.

They’ve each been also sticking true to their scoring average in their recent games as well. Through the month of February and the two games played in March, Kawhi has gone for 20+ in 8 of 11 games. Donovan Mitchell has played in 12 games since February and has scored 20+ in 10 games including two 40+ point games in his last three outings. Although Jokic has stayed under 20 points in his last three games, he is sure to turn things around as he’s averaged 20+ ppg in every month this season.

N. Jokic, K. Leonard, J. Poetl, K. Durant, N. Vucevic Combine For 48+ Rebounds

  • Yes +120

These are other NBA odds that could have been set a little low on the board as all five of these players combined are averaging right around 48 rebounds per game at 45 per game.

Leonard has gone over his rebound average in three of his last six games and had 7+ rebounds in his one game against Toronto this season. Poetl has gone for 9+ rebounds in three of his last five games and has put up 7+ rebounds in two of four outings against LAC.

Moving on to Jokic and Vucevic who will also face off tonight, they are the two highest rebounding players of the five on this bet with 23 combined rpg. Jokic has put up 10+ in four of his last six games while Vucevic has gone 9+ in six of his last seven games.

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Lastly, Kevin Durant has been averaging 6.8 rpg this season, however, since getting traded to the Phoenix Suns, that number has jumped to 7.3 rpg. He also has a nice matchup against his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have let up 10 or more rebounds to the forward position in their last six games.

Z. LaVine, KD, Kawhi, P. Siakam, P. George To Combine For 130+ Points

  • Yes +150

Just on their averages, they are just shy of 130 points per game by 4.1 points as they are averaging 125.9 ppg this season together. In the beginning stages of February though, the five are combining for 133.6 ppg, with four of the five averaging 25+ per game with the exception of Pascal Siakam.

The way to look at these odds would be to assume the other four players will stay true to their February averages and hope that Siakam can have a strong game against the Clippers which he has already done once this season. In the one game he’s gone up against LAC, he put up 36 points.