+500 Odds Aliens Found on Earth in 2023 After Key Testimony

  • Former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch mad bold claims under oath that the United States government has evidence of aliens.
  • Two retired navy pilots who claim to have witnessed UFOs also testified at the House Oversight subcommittee meeting on national security.
  • Online sportsbooks responded with odds listed for aliens on earth, as well as what color the first discovered alien could be.

WASHINGTON – An alarming testimony under oath by former intelligence officers and Navy pilots claim that the United States government has knowledge and evidence of UFOs and “non-human” remains.

Former US Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch made the bold claims at a Wednesday House Oversight subcommittee.

Grusch claims his testimony is based on information from “individuals with a longstanding track record of legitimacy and service to this country.” David Grusch also says that those individuals have shared evidence in the form of photographs, official documents, and classified testimony.

Although the Pentagon has denied his claims, online sportsbooks have odds available for various alien-related betting props.

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Bovada Odds for Aliens On Earth

  • Intelligent Extra-Terrestrial Life Forms to Be Found on Earth in 2023 +500

An alien betting special at Bovada Sportsbook lists +500 odds for an alien to be discovered on earth in 2023. The intelligent extra-terrestrial life form must be confirmed by the incumbent US president and the incumbent Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The special is set to be modified or removed on July 30, so Grusch’s convincing testimony should be capitalized on before that date.

BetOnline Color Odds for the First Confirmed Alien on Earth

  • Unknown to the Human Eye +250
  • Green +400
  • Yellow +500
  • Blue +600
  • Black +600
  • Purple +600
  • Red +800
  • White +800

Alien prop betting at BetOnline Sportsbook is more specific, listing odds for the color of the first confirmed alien on earth.

Aliens traditionally were portrayed as green (+400), but are now portrayed as gray or even an unknown color. If actual evidence is revealed of alien remains, they will likely be decomposed and take on a color unknown to the human eye with +250 odds.