A Clash Of Styles: UFC Fight Night Lewis vs. Oleinik Odds Breakdown

  • Derrick Lewis is set to take on Aleksei Oleinik in the main event of tonight’s Fight Night.
  • This is a rare stylistic contrast of a matchup - there are very few fighters as different from each other as Lewis and Oleinik.
  • Lewis, ranked fourth in the division, is the favorite at -190 odds, while Oleinik, at tenth, has +155 odds to pull off the upset.

LAS VEGAS - The UFC is back, with one of the most interesting fights of the year from both a betting perspective and a fight watching perspective.

This matchup can only be described as archetypal - the power puncher against the elite grappler, and it takes place in the Main Event of this Fight Night.

Of course, the matchup in question is Derrick Lewis taking on Aleksei Oleinik, in the heavyweight division.

Lewis vs. Oleinik Odds To Win

  • Derrick Lewis -190
  • Aleksei Oleinik +155

This is a stellar matchup, one that is a true contrast in styles, and a treat for any long-time MMA fan or bettor.

Derrick Lewis, known as the Black Beast, is one of the most famous power punchers in the UFC. He enters the fight ranked fourth in the heavyweight division and is known for his heart-stopping KO power.

Aleksei Oleinik, the Boa Constrictor, is almost the complete opposite - a veteran submission artist, possibly the best ever, and the only fighter ever to win a UFC fight with an Ezekiel Choke, which demonstrates his unreal skill as a submission-based fighter.

If Dana White could pick any two fighters to create the greatest contrast between styles, it would be hard to beat this fight in those terms.

Generally, in the UFC, the grappler tends to take wins over the striker, but this fight has a twist in the form of Oleinik’s age.

Oleinik is well on the downside of his career, which has spanned multiple decades, and being 43 years old - he no longer has the strength and stamina he used to be able to muster.

Oleinik is currently ranked as the number 10 fighter in the heavyweight division.

Lewis, by contrast, has been on a bit of a roll lately and is ranked fourth in the division. He’s a full eight years younger than Oleinik, and while he doesn’t necessarily have five-round stamina, he can knock people out no matter how he’s doing in the fight.

Just ask Alexander Volkov, who Lewis knocked out in the final seconds of their bout.

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Given the disparate styles between the two fighters, this could be a good fight to look at the specific finish odds on your online sportsbook of choice.

Lewis vs. Oleinik Specific Finish

  • Derrick Lewis Wins By KO, TKO Or DQ -130
  • Aleksei Oleinik Wins By Submission +200
  • Derrick Lewis Wins By Decision Or Technical Decision +600
  • Aleksei Oleinik Wins By KO, TKO Or DQ +1000
  • Aleksei Oleinik Wins By Decision Or Technical Decision +1200
  • Derrick Lewis Wins By Submission +3000
  • Draw Or Technical Draw +5000

That seems fairly accurate. Lewis is a knockout fighter, a guy who has racked up 78% of his wins via knockout, over a fairly long career. It makes sense, if he’s the favorite, to see this as the top shot on the odds boards.

Oleinik’s submission odds come next at +200, which makes a fair bit of sense as well - he’s won more fights by submission than most fighters have ever fought.

One bit of this bet that sticks out is that the odds for Oleinik to win by decision seem fairly low. He might not be able to fully submit Lewis, but he is the superior wrestler, and he should be able to maintain a dominant position for some portion of the match.

Oleinik does not tend to win by decision, however, which is part of why these odds could be low, but it is certainly a possibility if he manages to take the fight to the ground consistently but is unable to submit Lewis.

However, Oleinik is one of the best in the world at getting those submissions. So the world in which he consistently takes the fight to the ground but does not manage to submit Lewis might not be a realistic one.

There are rarely fights this interesting in the UFC, and no matter how it’s sliced up, there are a lot of really interesting angles to examine as a UFC betting enthusiast.

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