AEW All Out Championship Betting Odds Preview

  • AEW All Out starts Saturday night, and brings several great matches to the table!
  • Adam Page and Kenny Omega are +300 underdogs to retain their AEW Tag Team Championships.
  • Jon Moxley is a -250 favorite to beat MJF and retain his AEW Championship.

LAS VEGAS - AEW All Out starts Saturday Night, and USAOnlineSportsbooks is here to break down the odds.

There are a lot of matches on this PPV card, and plenty of ways for bettors to make money.

One thing to keep in mind is that professional wrestling is predetermined, which makes it closer to entertainment betting than sports betting.

That means that some answers can be gleaned by examining the storylines that are at play in the matches in question.

Let’s take a look at an example.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match - Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. FTR

This matchup is for the AEW Tag Team Championships, which are currently held by the ersatz tag team of Kenny Omega and Adam Page.

The two are bonded as part of The Elite, the faction that started All Elite Wrestling, although Page was recently kicked out of the group.

Page, whose character is that of a hard-drinking cowboy type, betrayed fellow Elite members the Young Bucks by preventing them from winning a match against FTR.

That very match is what qualified FTR for this Tag Team Championship match - in essence, Page picked his own opponent.

The story being told here is one of a team, and a man, falling apart. Page has seemed devastated and confused at his own actions, and that could clearly hurt his and Omega’s chances in the match.

Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs FTR Odds

  • FTR -500
  • Adam Page & Kenny Omega +300

FTR were brought in to AEW with great expectations and they’re looking for a chance to take the crown at the top of the tag team division.

FTR are classic tag team wrestlers - they focus on the craft of tag-teaming and they wrestle an old school style.

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They’d be an interesting choice at the top of the division and they seem pretty likely to end up there with -500 odds.

It would make sense for the degradation of Page’s relationship with The Elite to continue as he and Omega lose here, were that to happen.

The sportsbooks seem to think that is the most likely scenario, as Page and Omega have +300 odds to retain their championships.

AEW Championship Match - Jon Moxley vs. MJF

Jon Moxley (WWE watchers might know him as Dean Ambrose) has been one of the dominant forces in the early days of AEW.

He’s maintained his hold on the AEW Championship over a period of time that makes him the longest-running AEW Champion.

Tonight, he faces off against one of the most dastardly villains in AEW, MJF.

MJF is, more or less, a privileged rich kid bad guy from an 80’s movie. He’s the bully ringleader from the rich kid summer camp across the lake, he’s the jerk who kicks the protagonist in the face because he’s proud of doing it and because he can.

MJF has been accompanied by Wardlow, a dominant big man, and there is definitely a risk of interference in this match.

Jon Moxley (c) vs MJF Odds To Win

  • Jon Moxley -250
  • MJF +170

Moxley is favored to retain his AEW Championship and extend his record-setting reign. However, he’s not an overwhelming favorite.

With +170 odds, it seems like MJF has a real shot at the win here and there’s a real chance for the Championship to change hands.