Alabama Baseball Betting Leads to Brad Bohannon’s Firing

  • Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon has been fired as an investigation has linked him to bets being placed on a game against LSU last Friday.
  • As the investigation continues, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have informed sportsbooks that bets cannot be placed on Alabama baseball.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.Alabama fired their baseball coach Brad Bohannon due to an ongoing investigation regarding irregular sports betting activity. The whole controversy started last week, when the Crimson Tide took on the LSU Tigers.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission is reviewing two bets that were placed at the BetMGM Sportsbook at the Great American Ball Park. Surveillance footage shows somebody placing these bets, while in communication with Bohannon.

All athletes and coaches are prohibited from engaging in any sports betting activity by the NCAA. This includes being associated with bets being placed. Sportsbooks in Ohio have stopped taking action on Alabama baseball.

U.S. Integrity is the firm that alerted the OCCC about the suspicious betting activity, as they work with the SEC to monitor and prevent any athletes or athletic staff from using online sportsbooks. The Las Vegas based firm also alerted gaming regulators in Indiana, as similar bets were placed on the Alabama and LSU game.

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Along with Ohio, Indiana has temporarily halted all betting on college baseball in Alabama because of specific concerns about bets placed on the game. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have also taken away the ability to bet on Crimson Tide baseball as the investigation continues for precautionary measures.

Any activity on regular season college baseball already grabs the attention of sportsbook operators, as FanDuel claimed they did not take a single wager on the specific game.

The opening of this investigation was enough for Greg Byrne, the school’s athletic director, to start the process of termination, and name Jason Jackson as the interim head coach.