Astros HBP Odds Support Altuve Hit By Pitch In Opening Series

  • The Astros odds of leading the league in hits by pitched are at -120.
  • Alex Bregman is favored to lead the Astros in HBP at +150 odds.
  • Jose Altuve is favored to be the first Astros player to be hit with +275 odds.

HOUSTON – With the MLB season starting Thursday, players around the league have still been expressing anger towards the Houston Astros.

During the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the Astros were caught stealing signs in order to know which pitch was coming next and how they should prepare for it.

Online sportsbooks have already taken note of opposing players' anger and have different betting lines on the Astros being hit by pitches.

Will The Astros Lead The League In HBP?

  • No -120
  • Yes -120

There is no question that the Astros will lead the league in this category. Many players have openly expressed their anger towards the team and rightfully so.

Just to give bettors an idea, three players on the Astros were already stuck by a pitch during yesterday’s exhibition game against the Kansas City Royals.

Astros Player Hit By Pitch During Game On 7/24/20

  • No -155
  • Yes +115

The odds on if an Astros player will be hit on opening day (7/24/20) are surprisingly favoring that no player will be hit. If bettors are looking for any longshot opportunities, this is the one.

The hits on Astros players have already begun as mentioned before and bettors can expect them to keep on coming when they face off against the Mariners.

Total Times Astros Players Hit By Pitch In Series

  • Over 2.5 Total Hits By Pitch -145
  • Under 2.5 Total Hits By Pitch +105

A 2.5 over/under seems low when talking about how many times an Astros player will be hit by a pitch.

The three hits recorded in one game should give bettors an idea of how the rest of the Astros season will go.

Consider this a hint and take the over 2.5 times in the opening series.

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For those who are enjoying the Astros rebuttal, there are other MLB odds in regards to the Astros being hit by pitches as well.

Total Astros To Be HBP During 2020 Regular Season

  • Under 41.5 Total -130
  • Over 41.5 Total -110

Even though the Astros have a target on their back, over 41.5 is way up there. Considering that the season was shortened to 60 games, this will play a factor in the total.

It does not seem like not enough time for that many players to be hit.

First Astros Player Hit By Pitch

  • Jose Altuve +275
  • Alex Bregman +300
  • Carlos Correa +400
  • George Springer +450
  • Yuli Gurriel +750

It is only right that Jose Altuve leads the odds at +275. If there is any Astros player that has a personal target on their back, it is him.

The reason being is that Altuve actually won the MVP in the 2017 season when they were first suspected and then proven to be cheating.

Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa’s odds should not be overlooked either as both of them played a role in the scandal since 2017 as well.

Astros Player To Record Most HBP

  • Alex Bregman +150
  • George Springer +200
  • Jose Altuve +300
  • Carlos Correa +350

It is hard to see why Altuve’s odds are so far at +300.

Many players around the league have expressed that they feel he cheated his way to an MVP in 2017 and rightfully so.

It is only right that bettors strongly consider Altuve’s odds here as if any player is deserving of this, it is him. However, the team is in it together and it could be any one of them that takes the most beams this season.