Ballin’ Out At The Ballina Cup; Each Celebrity’s Odds To Win

  • The Ballina Cup is a Beer Pong Championship Tournament that will be played by celebrities on Instagram.
  • Sportsbooks are currently taking wagers on who the winner of the Cup will be, with NFL player Danny Amendola being the favorite to win
  • All money made by the tournament will be donated to charities helping with the Coronavirus pandemic.

LOS ANGELES - The Ballina Cup is a star-studded tournament created by rapper Post Malone where celebrities will play Beer Pong to raise money for the Coronavirus and odds are out on who the winner will be.

Betting on entertainment events such as this is great for helping sportsbooks bridge the gap in profit losses while sporting events have been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is The Ballina Cup?

The Ballina Cup will have 16 games of beer pong that will be played by various celebrities over eight days. There will be two tournaments each night that will be live-streamed on Instagram.

At the end of the eight days, the scores will be tallied and the winner will be given a trophy and snazzy wrestling style belt, not to mention the title of Ballina Cup Champion. Players will be required to pay an entry fee and all of the prize money (the total combined entry fees) will be given to charities that are helping with the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Odds For The Ballina Cup Winner

The 16 different teams have all been given odds by online sportsbooks such as BetOnline Sportsbook. The wager is listed under the entertainment category of the sports betting site and asks the question of who the winner of the Ballina Cup will be. The favorite to win the cup is NFL player Danny Amendola with odds of (+500).

Other Competitors Odds Of Winning The Ballina Cup:

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  • Mike Clevinger - (+600)
  • Post Malone/MIKE - (+600)
  • Barstool - (+800)
  • NELK Boys - (+800)
  • Tyler Seguin - (+900)
  • Rob Gronkowski/Camille Kostek - (+1000)
  • Morgan Wallen - (+1200)
  • Travis Kelce - (+1200)
  • Trevor Bauer - (+1200)
  • Kane Brown - (+1400)
  • Machine Gun Kelly - (+1400)
  • Marcus Stroman - (+1400)
  • Dansby/Mallory - (+1600)
  • Zack Bia - (+1600)

Instagram account “theballinacup” has posted a video of the trophy that will be taken home by the winner. Post Malone can be seen holding up the trophy in the video.

If bookmakers' odds are to be taken into account, Danny Amendola will be bringing home a pretty sweet trophy, most likely wiped down with Lysol before being put on display of course.

In The End

The Ballina Cup will be taking place at the homes of the individual competitors and streaming on Instagram because everyone involved is practicing the social distancing guidelines that the CDC has put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

While fans and people around the world are being quarantined with stay-at-home orders, watching a tournament like the Ballina Cup could prove to be very interesting.

And all the money that is made from the championship going toward charities helping with the virus makes the whole idea of the Cup that much better for the bettor. The tournament is set to begin next week.