Best Prop Bets for Austin Ekeler vs the Jacksonville Jaguars

  • The safest Austin Ekeler prop bet versus the Jacksonville Jaguars is likely on the two-time NFL leader to score a touchdown.
  • Ekeler’s strong suit as a running back is his ability to catch passes, making his 36.5-yard receiving prop valuable.
  • Bovada’s rushing yards prop for Austin Ekeler has only been reached in a few games this season, with players better off pivoting to receiving yards.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The NFL's leader in total touchdowns this season takes the field on Saturday night versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, with Austin Ekeler's prop betting odds offering value when betting on touchdown and receiving props at Bovada.

Austin Ekeler Touchdown Props

Ekeler has now led the NFL in total touchdowns (rushing + receiving) the past two seasons with 20 in 2021 and 18 in 2022.

Averaging over a touchdown per game, NFL sportsbooks have suggested that it is more likely than not that he reaches paydirt versus the Jaguars.

Austin Ekeler Anytime Touchdown Prop Odds

  • Anytime Touchdown Scorer -143

With at least one touchdown in 11 of the Chargers' last 14 games, taking Ekeler to score with -143 odds is likely a strong bet versus Jacksonville.

Online sportsbooks have given Austin Ekeler the shortest odds of all players in the Chargers vs Jaguars game to score the first touchdown, but viewing his touchdowns by quarter suggests it is likely better to bet on Ekeler to score in the first half:

Austin Ekeler Touchdowns by Quarter:

  • 1st Quarter: 0
  • 2nd Quarter: 12
  • 3rd Quarter: 1
  • 4th Quarter: 5

Ekeler has scored 66.67% of all his touchdowns in the first half this season despite not scoring once during the first quarter.

With the possibility of another player on either team scoring in the first quarter, betting on Ekeler to score in the first half is likely a better option.

Austin Ekeler Touchdown Prop Betting Odds

  • First Half Touchdown Scorer +150
  • 1st Quarter Touchdown Scorer +375
  • First Touchdown Scorer +475
  • First Chargers Touchdown Scorer +225

A logical reason for Ekeler's scoring primarily taking place in the second quarter of each half is because of the emphasis on the passing game.

Austin Ekeler has proven to be a dynamic receiving back, with Bovada offering odds on Ekeler's receptions and receiving yards against the Jaguars.

Austin Ekeler Receptions Prop Betting Odds

  • Over 4.5 Receptions -154
  • Under 4.5 Receptions +118

Austin Ekeler Receiving Yards Prop Bet

  • Over 36.5 Receiving Yards -115
  • Under 36.5 Receiving Yards -115

Ekeler had five or more receptions in 10 out of 17 games this season, eclipsing the 36.5-yard receiving prop in 10 games as well.

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One game this season that stood out for Ekeler from a receiving perspective this year was against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3:

  • Austin Ekeler Receiving Stats vs Jaguars: 8 Receptions on 8 Targets for 48 Yards

That same matchup provided a great example of Ekeler's greatness as a receiver and struggles as a runner.

Austin Ekeler Rushing Props

Averaging 53.8 yards per game rushing and 42.5 yards per game receiving, the dual-threat nature of Austin Ekeler makes it difficult to bet strictly on his running ability.

Bovada has placed the Austin Ekeler rushing yards prop at 51.5 yards, despite him only rushing for at least that total in six of 17 games.

Austin Ekeler Rushing Yards Prop Betting Odds

  • Over 51.5 Rushing Yards -115
  • Under 51.5 Rushing Yards -115

Austin Ekeler has also been giving a total yards prop at Bovada.

Austin Ekeler Rushing and Receiving Yards Betting Odds

  • Over 92.5 Total Yards -115
  • Under 92.5 Total Yards -115

Ekeler's rushing yard prop (51.5 yards) and receiving yard prop (36.5) total to 88 total yards, so players would be paying a 4.5-yard premium when betting on the total yards prop.

With Ekeler's strong suit being receiving, it is likely better to stick to that 36.5-yard receiving prop than paying the premium to include rushing yards.

Are you trailing Austin Ekeler’s prop bets at Bovada?