Bet Barbie to Outmatch Oppenheimer, Gross Over $650M in 2023

  • The Barbie movie releases on July 21 and has -125 odds to gross over $650 million worldwide by the end of the year.
  • Oppenheimer, which releases on the same day, has +200 odds to outmatch Barbie in worldwide box office numbers.
  • The -300 odds for Barbie are short but a near-lock based on opening weekend projections and nature of each film.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The highly anticipated Barbie and Oppenheimer films release on Friday with odds available for which movie will be more successful worldwide in 2023. Barbie has -300 odds to total a higher worldwide gross than Oppenheimer.

The difference in audiences gives Barbie a massive edge at USA online sportsbooks to reach a higher worldwide gross by the end of 2023. Barbie is a whimsical and colorful film catered towards women and children, while Oppenheimer is a three-hour long, rated R film focused on the construction of an atomic bomb.

Barbie Vs Oppenheimer Box Office Match Bet

  • Barbie -300
  • Oppenheimer +200

The end of the year figure will be taken by Box Office Mojo on December 31, 2023. Opening weekend odds at mobile sportsbooks list Barbie at $99.5 million, with Oppenheimer projected for $44.5 million.

Both films will be excellent, but Barbie simply caters to a larger audience and is a safer bet. The -300 odds may be short, but they’re virtually a lock based on the large gap in gross projections between Barbie and Oppenheimer.

Barbie is the clear entertainment betting favorite over Oppenheimer, but how much will Barbie gross in 2023? The Barbie franchise has deployed its wealth from toys and memorabilia towards advertising, which floods the streets of New York City and other major cities.

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Barbie Worldwide Gross at Year End

  • Over $650 Million -125
  • $650 Million Or Under -115

Better value for Barbie’s cinema dominance can be found in the film's projected worldwide gross. Odds at Bovada Sportsbook favor Barbie to surpass the $650 million mark.

Other highly anticipated movies soared over this number, with 2022 films Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water surpassing $1.4 billion. Barbie’s projected number is less than half of this number, giving plenty of value to the -125 odds to gross over $650 million worldwide in 2023.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie grossed $1.349 billion dollars worldwide since its release on April 5, 2023. Super Mario Bros raked in roughly $145 million in its opening weekend, around $50 million more than Barbie is projected in its opening weekend.