Bet On Whether Ghislaine Maxwell Will Testify In Epstein Trial

  • Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged Madam of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia ring, has been arrested by the FBI.
  • Odds are split on whether Maxwell will testify in the Epstein case.
  • Glenn Dubin (+200) has the shortest odds of being named first but Alan Dershowitz (+500) offers a better incentive.

NEW YORK - Alleged co-conspirator of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI.

Maxwell has been sought in connection with the Epstein case for months now, although public attention intensified after Epstein’s death under mysterious circumstances in prison.

Maxwell is currently located in New York City, set to face charges related to the recruitment and abuse of underage girls by Epstein.

Much has been made of the connections between Epstein and President Trump, with a picture of Epstein and Maxwell with the President making the rounds across the internet in the wake of the arrest.

Similarly, however, there appears to be documentation of former President Bill Clinton’s friendship with Epstein.

In fact, the alleged connections between Epstein and some of the most powerful and rich people in America are the big reason why this case has the attention that it does.

This attention has led some sports betting websites to open odds on various aspects of the Epstein case.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell Testify In Federal Epstein Case?

  • No -120
  • Yes -120

The first question to ask is whether or not Maxwell will testify at all. Given the mysterious death of Epstein, it seems a reasonable one.

The sportsbooks give her -120 odds to testify, and -120 odds against as well. Notably, there are no odds on whether or not she will be alive to do so, although one suspects that would fall under “no”.

The next question is at issue, according to the source of these odds, BetOnline, is who she will be testifying against, should she be able to testify.

First Person Named By G. Maxwell In Federal Epstein Case

  • Glenn Dubin +200
  • Ehud Barak +250
  • Prince Andrew +400
  • Alan Dershowitz +500
  • Larry Summers +600
  • Bill Richardson +800
  • George Mitchell +800
  • Bill Clinton +1000
  • Leslie Wexner +1500

Note that these odds are not on the people who will be named, but on who will be named first.

There are some notable names among this number, although this article will focus on the odds of two in particular.

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz has been loudly proclaiming his innocence on Twitter.

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Really loudly.

This man taught at Harvard Law School yet Dershowitz has +500 odds to be the first person named in this trial, should it proceed. It seems as though the sportsbooks think this could be a case of “methinks he doth protest too much”.

Another interesting case here is that of Leslie Wexner, a billionaire entrepreneur and founder of L Brands.

Wexner was described in New York Magazine as the “patron and mentor” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Wexner’s +1500 odds are the lowest on the list, but his relationship with Epstein was perhaps documented to be the closest of any of the people on this list.

This whole situation is utterly deplorable, and we hope that justice is done for the victims of these crimes. That said, if one can make money while watching the scum of the earth face trial for their crimes, one might as well.