BetOnline Bracket Madness Competition Offers $200K In Prizes

  • The Bracket Madness Competition at BetOnline has $200,000 worth of total prizes for their March Madness contest.
  • Simply enter your bracket by Thursday for a shot at the $50,000 first-place prize.
  • Your first entry costs $20, but you can enter up to 20 times with a discounted entry rate.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – If you’re looking for a March Madness Tournament bracket challenge for cash prizes, BetOnline is the place to go. This USA online sportsbook offers $200,000 in prizes for their Bracket Madness Contest, which costs only $20 for your first entry.

The bracket officially opened on Sunday and remains open until Thursday, March 21 at 12:30 p.m. ET. Every dollar from every online college basketball betting fee goes into the eventual $200,000 prize pool.

You can submit up to 20 different entries to give yourself the best chance to walk away with a cash prize. The first entry costs $20, but following entries receive a discounted rate.

Entry Cost
1st Entry $20
2nd and 3rd Entries $15 Each
4th – 10th Entry $10 Each
11th – 20th Entry $5 Each

Bracket Madness Contest Details And Rules

The rules for the BetOnline Bracket Madness Contest are simple. Just choose the winners of all 63 games, enter a tie breaker prediction, and click save to submit your picks.

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Points will be awarded for every correct pick, doubling after every round. Correct March Madness betting selections for the first round award you with one point each, while correctly choosing the winner awards you with 32 points.

The top 1,250 contestants will win prizes. The top Bracket Madness Contest prize is a $50,000 cash reward.

Place Reward
First $50,000
Second $25,000
Third $10,000
Fourth $5,000
Fifth $4,000
Sixth $3,000
Seventh $2,500
Eighth $1,750
Ninth $1,250
10th $1,000
11th – 15th $800
16th – 20th $500
21st – 30th $400
31st – 40th $320
41st – 50th $280
51st – 75th $240
76th – 100th $200
101st – 150th $160
151st – 200th $120
201st – 400th $80
401st – 700th $60
701st – 1,000th $45
1,001st – 1,250th $30

The Men’s NCAA tournament begins on Thursday with the Round of 64. No. 8 Mississippi State faces No. 9 Michigan State as a 1.5-point underdog.