Betting On Beijing 2022 Olympics – Info To Know Two Weeks Out

  • Norway is heavily favored to win the most gold medals at the Winter Olympics with -500 odds.
  • Norway is favored to win the most medals overall with -800 odds.
  • The United States has +115 odds to win over 8.5 gold medals.

BEIJING, China. – The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are just two weeks away and there is plenty of betting information to look into before taking any of the odds.

Online betting sites offer a variety of different Olympic betting odds such as futures odds on who will win the most gold medals and most medals overall. Also, there are odds on the total medal count for each country as well as futures odds for different sports.

Betting On Gold Medal And Total Medals Futures

The Winter Olympic odds on which countries will win the most gold medals and most overall medals are two of the most popular Olympic bets to make. These odds are simple to understand as bettors will pick which country they think will win the most gold medals as well as the most overall medals.

Beijing 2022 – Most Gold Medals Odds

  • Norway -500
  • Germany +650
  • Russia +1000
  • Canada +1400
  • USA +1400
  • Netherlands +4000

As the odds sit right now, Norway is heavily favored to win both the most gold and overall medals. In the history of the Winter Olympics, they have won the most gold medals (132) and the most overall medals (368). They were also the gold and overall medal leaders in the 2018 Winter Olympics where they won 14 gold medals and 39 overall. Betting $100 on Norway to lead in gold medals again would profit $13 and $20 if they win the most overall medals.

Beijing 2022 – Most Overall Medals Odds

  • Norway -800
  • Russian Olympic Committee +900
  • Germany +1000
  • Canada +1400
  • USA +1400
  • Netherlands +8000

As for the United States, they are second in total gold medals (105) and second in total medals (305). $100 would profit $1400 if they were to lead in either category.

Betting On Countries Gold Medal Total

United States – Total Medals Odds

  • Over 23.5 +115
  • Under 23.5 -150

For those that do not want to take the risk on the United States’ longer odds to lead in gold or overall medals, they can take their total medal odds. The United States total medals for the Winter Olympics is set at 23.5 with the Under favored. The Under on their 8.5 gold medal total is also favored.

United States – Total Gold Medals Odds

  • Over 8.5 +115
  • Under 8.5 -150

Strangely, their total gold medals are set fairly low. In the last five Winter Olympics, they have hit the Over four times. As for their gold medals, they have gone Over 8.5 gold medals in each of the last five Winter Olympics.

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With that, if the US was to go over in both total medals and gold medals, $100 would profit $115 for both odds.

Betting On Sports Futures Odds

Beijing 2022 – Men’s Hockey Odds

  • Russian Olympic Committee +150
  • Finland +400
  • Sweden +450
  • Canada +600
  • Czech Republic +800
  • USA +1000

Aside from betting on the total medals or which country is going to win the most medals, there are odds on plenty of different sports in the form of futures odds. The futures odds are subject to change as the sport goes on, however, once the sports are in play, there will also be game lines to take advantage of.

Beijing 2022 – Women’s Hockey Odds

  • Canada (W) -110
  • USA (W) +100
  • Finland (W) +1400
  • Russian Olympic Committee (W) +4000
  • Switzerland (W) +6600
  • Sweden (W) +12500

Hockey has been one of the more popular Winter Olympic sports to bet on over the years. Looking at where the odds are, Russia is heavily favored to win the men’s gold medal while Canada is a slight favorite to win the women’s with the U.S. right behind them.

Russia is favored for the men being that they won gold in 2018. Also backing their odds is that NHL players will not be participating in the Winter Olympics. With that, the Kontinental Hockey League in Russia will be sending their players.

As for the women, since the women’s sport was introduced in 1998, only Canada and the U.S. have won gold medals in the sport with Canada winning the most (4) and the United States winning the most recent.