Betting SNF? Know These Bills Magic Betting Numbers First

  • The Buffalo Bills are less than a field goal favorite over the Pittsburgh Steelers on SNF.
  • The Bills have -135 odds to beat the Steelers straight up.
  • Magic numbers for Bills betting fans to follow are 2, 24, and 105.

BUFFALO – With Sunday Night Football for Week 14 coming in with a potential future AFC playoff battle, all eyes will be on the big game. Buffalo and Pittsburgh are both leading their division en route to a playoff berth but must face off first – something that could seriously affect the overall seeding.

For Buffalo, the mindset is simple. As a team that hasn’t won their division since the early 1990s, any playoff run would be met with great positivity. However, before thinking about the playoffs, the Bills must first play against the Steelers, and those betting on SNF should key in on some common “magic numbers” for betting the Bills.

Turnovers – The Number 2

While NFL followers always speak of the importance to take care of the ball, it is quite evident with statistics. However, as well as ensuring your team doesn’t turn the ball over, it is also important to create turnovers as well.

For the Bills, in games that they force at least two turnovers, they are 16-5 (since Josh Allen has arrived). Meanwhile, when forcing only one turnover, they are 5-10.

While this magic number won’t be useful until the game starts, it is still an easy way to monitor your action during live betting.

Points – The Number 24

Scoring is something that has to happen to win but what is the threshold for scoring enough versus not enough?

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For the Bills, that number is 24 points. When scoring 24 or more, one should instantly lock their bet for the Bills to win at online betting sites. In fact, in games with at least 24 points, since Josh Allen has arrived, the Bills are 17-1.

Anything less, and the Bills have a 4-13 record.

Rushing Yards – The Number 105

The Bills are known for rushing the ball and Josh Allen can lead this statistic. However, whether it comes from the quarterback or the group or running backs, the Bills will look to move it on the ground.

When they hit 105 rushing yards, all seems to be positive. In games when they hit this number, they are 20-5. Granted, some of these come in the final minutes of the game, but finding this number during the game early on should lead bettors in the right direction.

When the Bills are on the opposite side of this line, they are 6-13, proving just how much this number matters.

These are only a few of the magic betting numbers for Sunday Night Football, which kicks off at 8:20 p.m. ET. on NBC.