Big Brother 23 Odds Still Favoring A Man To Win, But Why?

  • Xavier Prather remains the Big Brother 23 betting favorite (+150 odds).
  • After Kyland Young (+300), the "remaining five" women are the next in line.
  • Still, the women have +180 odds to win season 23 of Big Brother.

LOS ANGELES - Despite being outnumbered in the house 6-3, the men are still favored to win Big Brother this season. While Xavier Prather (+150) and Kyland Young (+300) lead the oddsboard and have been heavily favored over the last few weeks, the women still hold the power in terms of numbers.

Sarah Beth Steagall will likely be the reason why the number of women drops to five on Thursday's live eviction, as she is a -7500 favorite over Kyland (+1200) to be evicted.

Still, with a potential 5-3 advantage, why are the women such longshots to win Big Brother 23?

Big Brother 23 Odds - Gender Of Winner

  • Male -270
  • Female +180

Assuming SB goes home, the Big Brother 23 odds at online sportsbooks would still have the men, aside from Derek F, on top.

Odds To Win Big Brother 23

  • Xavier Prather +150
  • Kyland Young +300
  • Tiffany Mitchell +350
  • Hannah Chaddha +400
  • Claire Rehfuss +1200
  • Azah Awasum +2000
  • Alyssa Lopez +2500
  • Derek Frazier +4000
  • Sarah Beth Steagall +5000

Regardless, the BB23 odds are set for a reason with 15 men winning Big Brother seasons of the past compared to seven women.

The big indicator may come this week when Thursday begins the next endurance Head of Household competition. For reference, Derek X (evicted), Xavier, and Alyssa Lopez were the last standing in August's Whale of a Time endurance competition.

Derek won on account of promising safety to both Alyssa and Xavier but as the numbers begin to dwindle, the promises are less likely to be made as seen in season's past.

Still, unfamiliar names sit on top of the odds to win the next HOH.

BB23 Odds - Next HOH

  • Hannah Chaddha +350
  • Azah Awasum +400
  • Kyland Young +400
  • Derek Frazier +550
  • Alyssa Lopez +600
  • Claire Rehfuss +600
  • Xavier Prather +600
  • Sarah Beth Steagall +2200

BB23 Moving Forward

Hannah is the favorite after winning the veto competition that will likely send SB packing.

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Still, with late-night talks from the Cookout developing their final six game plan, it could be seen that a turn on Kyland sooner than later does happen. Hannah has already questioned Kyland's motives, while Tiffany has had her struggles with Kyland keeping to the game plan.

That leaves Xavier and Derek F to win it for the men - but Derek has been the longest longshot for weeks now.

On the opposite end, Xavier is the favorite but will see himself on the block in the near future, sitting next to Alyssa - per the planning of the Cookout's exit strategy.

If the Cookout was to flip on Xavier, it leaves an even larger advantage for the women.

With Thursday and Friday being Alyssa vs. the Cookout, is this the week the Cookout flips on each other, giving the women the ultimate power to finish the season? Remember to expect the unexpected, including a potential triple eviction in two weeks.