Blaydes Favored Over Volkov In Battle Of Heavy Hitters

  • There are five fights on the main card of UFC on ESPN on June 20th.
  • Roosevelt Roberts is favored to win against Jim Miller with -245 odds.
  • Curtis Blaydes is favored to beat Alexander Volkov in the main event with -400 odds.

LAS VEGAS – There are five fights that are scheduled for the main card of UFC on ESPN on Saturday but the main event is between Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov.

Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov are two heavy hitters.

Blaydes has the upper hand on online sportsbooks as he is favored to win with -400 odds while Volkov is +300.

Blaydes is favored over Volkov for a reason.

Blaydes has a 13-2 record and has won his last three fights while Volkov has an above-average 31-7 record but has not been fighting as often. Also losing three of his last ten fights, bettors can expect Blaydes to be fresh and ready to go.

Blaydes vs. Volkov Round Over-Under

  • Under -130
  • Over +100

This could be a tricky bet to place as in Blaydes' previous five fights they have stayed under the 2.5 round mark three times while in Volkov’s previous five fights he has gone over the 2.5 mark all five times.

Emmett Vs. Burgos

The Shane Burgos and Josh Emmett fight is going to be a competitive one and UFC sportsbooks are prepared.

Burgos vs. Emmett Betting Odds

  • Burgos -145
  • Emmett +115

Burgos not only has the advantage from the oddsmakers but also has a height and age advantage as he is 29 years old standing at 5’11 while Emmett is 35 years old and standing at just 5’6.

Their two records are similar as Emmett has gone 15-2 in his career while Burgos is at 13-2.

What makes this fight even more interesting is the fact that both of them have gone 4-1 in their previous five fights. Bettors can bank on Burgos' height and age advantage to be the difference-maker here.

The over/under for total rounds in the fight is set at 2.5 rounds with the under favored at -135 and the over at +105.

In a similar situation as the main event, Emmett has stayed under 2.5 rounds in three of his last five fights while Burgos has gone over in four of his last five fights.

Pennington Vs. Reneau

Raquel Pennington and Marion Reneau will make up the only women’s fight of the night.

Pennington is listed as the favorite with -180 odds while Reneau’s odds are posted at +150.

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Based on their record bettors would think that Reneau would be the favorite as she sits at a 9-5-1 record while Pennington is at a 10-9 record.

What is pushing the favorite towards Pennington is the age difference and the time between fights for Reneau.

Reneau is 43 years old and has not stepped into the octagon in over a year. Pennington, on the other hand, is 31 and last fought in January. Bettors should play it smart and take Pennington.

The over/under for the total rounds is listed at 2.5 rounds with the over favored at -315 and the under at +255.

Both fighters have gone the over mark very frequently in their previous five fights. Reneau has gone the over in four of her last five while Pennington has gone over all five times.

Muhammad Vs. Good

Online sportsbooks are predicting Belal Muhammad and Lyman Good to come down to the wire as the odds are not far apart. Muhammad is slightly favored with -120 odds while Good’s odds are at -110.

Their records are not far off from each other either with Muhammad going 16-3 in his career and Good going 21-5.

Muhammed has been strong as he has gone 4-1 in his previous five fights while Good has really struggled, going a mediocre 3-2 in his last five. With the inconsistent fighting on Good’s side, bettors can lean towards Muhammad’s odds.

As for the total rounds in the fight, the over/under is set at 2.5 rounds as well with the over favored at -180 and the under at +150 odds.

The over should be a no brainer here as Muhammad is currently on a seven-fight streak of going the over and Good has gone over in three of his last five fights.

Miller Vs. Roberts

Jim Miller and Roosevelt Roberts will kick off the five main card fights. Roberts has the odds on his side here as he is favored to win with -245 odds while Miller is at +205.

Roberts has an impressive 10-1 record to back up his odds while Miller has a 31-14 record but has been more inconsistent as of lately.

Earlier in Miller’s career, he was a strong force but in his last 10 fights, his 4-6 record shows that he has been slowing down.

The fights over/under for total rounds is 2.5 rounds. The under could be a smart choice here with Miller staying under in four of his last five fights and Roberts staying under as well in two of his last five.

With the main card betting odds on the UFC here for all sports bettors, there is never a shortage of available lines.