Bored With No Sports? Bet On Your Friend’s Divorce

  • Bettors will need to fill out a questionnaire about the relationship and odds for it will be created.

LAS VEGAS – With all major sports not back in action yet, online sportsbooks have managed a different approach to fulfill bettors betting needs.

They are allowing bettors to place bets on their friends or even their own marriages and if they will end up in a divorce or not.

MyBookie is the online sportsbook that is behind these unusual betting odds.

What MyBookie is doing in order for bettors to actually bet on marriages is having bettors fill out a 30-question questionnaire on the status of the marriage.

The questions will give oddsmakers a better idea of what odds to give the marriage.

“Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, sports betting enthusiasts are experiencing interesting times to say the least— There are still very few sporting events, so people are itching for things on which to bet," said David Strauss, Lead Oddsmaker at MyBookie. "Now that peoples’ relationships are being tested like never before – being locked in with significant others with no distractions – we predict divorce rates will reach a new all-time high. While we’re not rooting for an increase in divorces, we thought marriage would make for an interesting institution to wager on."

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The questions that are asked on the questionnaire are based around the person's marriage. Some examples of the questions are:

Do you and your partner have children?
Does your partner do any of the cooking?
Has one of you had the coronavirus?
If you had to choose between sports returning or saving your marriage, which would it be?

Bettors have the choice of making this bet about their own marriage or someone else’s.

Once the odds are made, anyone can bet on it from friends and family to anyone that has a MyBookie account.