Breaking Down The 6 Wednesday NBA Games To Bet On

  • The Utah Jazz are favored over the Memphis Grizzlies with -235 odds.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers are heavy favorites with -600 odds over the Washington Wizards.
  • The Denver Nuggets have -165 odds to defeat the San Antonio Spurs.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are favored over the Oklahoma City Thunder with -260 odds.
  • The Toronto Raptors have -280 odds to beat the Orlando Magic.
  • The Boston Celtics are heavily favored over the Brooklyn Nets with -500 odds.

ORLANDO, Fla.NBA fans and bettors are in for a full day of NBA action today as there are six games on todays’ schedule.

Online sportsbooks have different odds posted across the board for each of the six games that are being played today.

Kicking off today's NBA action are the Utah Jazz as they are playing the favorites over the eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies.

Jazz vs Grizzlies

  • Moneyline: Jazz (-235) vs. Grizzlies (+195)
  • Spread: Jazz -6
  • Total: 223.0 Points

It is no surprise that the Utah Jazz are the favorites here as the Grizzlies have not lived up to their full potential in the bubble.

These two have faced off three times before where the Jazz took two of those three games. Something else that is pushing the Jazz as the favorites here is that the Grizzlies are yet to win a game in the bubble and with the season-ending injury to Jarren Jackson Jr., Ja Morant’s help tonight could be very limited.

In the Jazz’s two wins against the Grizzlies, they easily crushed the spread both times. Despite them only covering the spread three times in their last six games, bettors can count on them to cover it tonight against the shorthanded Grizzlies.

As for the over/under on the point total, bettors can entertain the under here as both teams have limited scoring options. Backing that up, in their last three meetings, while both teams were healthy, the over was hit just once.

76ers vs Wizards

  • Moneyline: 76ers (-600) vs. Wizards (+400)
  • Spread: 76ers -10.5
  • Total: 229.0 Points

The Sixers have an easy way out here as their NBA odds are heavy favorites to win over a struggling Washington Wizards team.

In the two meetings this year, both teams came out victorious in one of them. With the Wizards missing their two star players in Bradley Beal and John Wall, the Sixers also should have no issues trying to cover the spread.

In six of their last 10 wins, they were able to cover it six times and looking at the total for points, bettors can expect Philly to look to run up the score. In their previous two meetings, they were able to hit the over both times.

In this one, however, with the significant absences on the Washington side of things, the over might be tough. Even though Philly will look to run up the score, their defense will have zero issues here. Bettors should be taking the under here.

Nuggets vs. Spurs

  • Moneyline: Nuggets (-165) vs. Spurs (+145)
  • Spread: Nuggets -3.5
  • Total: 225.5 Points

This should be one of the more interesting matchups during today's games as the Nuggets are playing the slight favorites against the Spurs.

The Spurs are currently fighting for a playoff spot here and are also fighting to keep their 22 consecutive playoff berths going as well.

San Antonio has shown a lot of fight in the bubble as they have been considered the underdog in all of their three games that they have played thus far and have come out on top twice defeating the odds.

The Nuggets are down three starters still and the Spurs can take advantage of that. With the spread in favor of the Nuggets, bettors can look at a reference point regarding the Spurs to cover – their last two losses have covered the spread by three points or less.

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Looking at the over/under for points, even though both teams could be considered as slower-paced, the scoring is there on both sides.

In the Spurs last 10 games, they hit the over seven times while the Nuggets hit is five times. Also, in their previous meeting, they were able to crush the over as well.

Lakers vs Thunder

  • Moneyline: Lakers (-250) vs. Thunder (+210)
  • Spread: Lakers -6.0
  • Total: 218.0 Points

Although the Lakers are favored to win over the Thunder, it is surprising that they are not favored even more here.

Backing up their odds are the three wins that they have over the Thunder in their past three meetings. As for the spread, bettors can expect a close game, but when it comes down to it, the spread will be covered as the game winds down.

Raptors vs. Magic

  • Moneyline: Raptors (-300) vs. Magic (+250)
  • Spread: Raptors -7
  • Total: 223.0 Points

Since entering the bubble, the Toronto Raptors have been on an absolute tear and will look to continue that tonight against the Magic.

Dating back to before the NBA’s hiatus, the defending NBA Champions were on a four-game win streak and have extended it to six since being in the bubble.

Bettors can very well expect the Raptors to continue their win streak over the Magic as in their previous three games, they have beaten Orlando all three times.

However, the Raptors and Magic are 1-1-1 ATS this year against each other. For the Raptors, though, they have covered in four of their last six wins.

Despite them not hitting the over once in their previous meetings, both teams have been on a tear offensively. In Toronto’s last six games they hit the over three times while Orlando has seen the over all six times.

Nets vs Celtics

  • Moneyline: Celtics (-400) vs. Nets (+300)
  • Spread: Celtics -8.5
  • Total: 226.0 Points

Brooklyn entered the bubble with a limited roster due to the coronavirus, but now they have zero starters with them in the bubble.

With the Nets being so shorthanded, they just do not have the talent to keep up with Boston at all. Granted, when Brooklyn was somewhat healthy during the season, they were able to steal two of three games from them. Now though, the Celtics clearly have the upper hand and bettors should take advantage of that.

The C’s should not have an issue with covering the spread. The real problem with the Nets is that they don’t have the talent here to keep up and Boston is a fast running team that can score quickly and easily.

The under for total points in this one is where bettor’s money should lie. Points won’t be an issue for Boston but on the Nets side, they will be hard to come by no doubt against Boston’s defensive-minded core. The under here would win bettors an easy cashout.