Brooks Koepka vs. Dave Portnoy Charity Golf Odds Now Up

  • Despite having to play left-handed, Brooks Koepka is a -700 favorite to win.
  • Dave Portnoy, a natural lefty, comes back at +400 to beat the PGA Tour golfer.

LAS VEGASDave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, will face Brooks Koepka in a head-to-head golf match for $250,000 that will be donated to charity. The catch? Koepka has to play left-handed.

The PGA Tour professional is a -700 betting favorite to win the match, while Portnoy returns as a +400 underdog.

Should Koepka Be Such a Big Favorite?

One may think about their own golf game and say, “I’m bad enough right-handed, no shot I could play lefty,” but Brooks Koepka is no normal person.

The four-time major winner has shown that he can absolutely crush the ball while hitting in his opposite stance.

Okay sure, Koepka is still a monster while hitting lefty, but how is Dave Portnoy’s golf game? As one might expect, Portnoy is about as good as any recreational golfer, aka not the best.

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Betting on the -700 odds might not be exciting, but could definitely be the smart bet to place.

Does Portnoy Have An Outside Chance?

With +400 odds, golf betting fans will be looking for any reason that Portnoy could win. While that situation might be even more unlikely that the online sportsbooks’ odds suggest, it’s not impossible.

The details of the match have yet to be released, meaning it’s unknown where the match is, when it is or even the rules of the match. Given Portnoy’s reputation of antics, it’s possible that Portnoy is allowed two mulligans each hole or even something more beneficial. With Portnoy, you never know.

We don’t know much about the match, but we do know that the winner will choose which charity receives $250,000 and it seems to be between the Barstool Fund and the Brooks Koepka Charity Foundation. We also can be sure that the match will be an incredibly interesting one to watch.