Can NBA Top Shots Eclipse $250,000 By The End Of The Year?

  • NBA Top Shot is a marketplace for non fungible tokens of NBA moments.
  • Basically, they’re digital NBA sports cards, and they’re selling for high prices.
  • Bettors can get odds on whether or not an NBA Top Shot is sold for more than $250,000 this year.

LAS VEGAS - NBA Top Shot has taken the league by storm and is growing in size and recognition by the day.

Top Shot is, in effect, a way to purchase nonfungible tokens of NBA moments - think of it like buying a digital trading card, but the trading card is a video of Lebron James dunking.

Only certain amounts of these digital collectibles exist, and they’ve been going for large amounts of money.

Online sportsbooks have produced odds on what the most expensive NBA Top Shot will be by the end of the 2021 calendar year.

NBA Top Shot 2021 Biggest Sale Odds

  • Over 250,001$ -140
  • Under 250,001$ +100

As of Sunday, the most expensive NBA Top Shot moment to be sold was a Lebron James “Cosmic” Dunk, which went for $208,000.

However, no other moments have even come close to that one, with the next most expensive Top Shots to be sold reaching $100,000.

While it may seem like the prices will only continue to go up as more and more people start paying attention to Top Shot, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has some words of temperance.

Cuban, whose Dallas Mavericks recently announced they would accept DogeCoin in payment for tickets and merchandise, is intimately familiar with the blockchain technology that powers these NFTs.

The Mavericks owner believes that there might be some overexcitement in the market at the moment.

“Like the early days of all new tech,” said Cuban, “The excitement sometimes creates some unique situations.”

However, Cuban has faith in the concept overall:

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In this context, the real question for NBA betting enthusiasts who wish to wager on this prop is whether or not mounting excitement could drive prices past $250,000.

While the concept overall may be sound, the prices at the moment don’t seem tied to anything.

This one is going to be up to interpretation, and there are two major ways to interpret the data.

There are nearly ten months left in the year, and Top Shots have already sold for over $200,000. The large gap between the top spot and the second-highest price means that the price for that Lebron “Cosmic” Dunk might not be reached any time soon.

One idea to keep in mind is that Top Shots of playoff moments could end up being extremely valuable.

Imagine a Top Shot of Lebron’s famous block on Andre Iguodala in the 2016 NBA Finals - one of the most iconic plays of the decade.

Playoff moments are rarely at that level, but the possibility remains, and if a playoff moment like that occurs, it could very reasonably get above the $250,000 benchmark set by the online sportsbooks.