Celebrity Death Match – The Reality Edition

  • MyBookie Sportsbook has found a way to make dying fun, for those not in the race of course.
  • Among those listed in their Death Matchups are Charlie Sheen, Betty White, and Prince Phillip.
  • These bets can be found in the entertainment section of the website.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – MyBookie Sportsbook has a section for celebrity deathmatches. There are odds up on which person will kick the bucket first. Morbid? Maybe. Sad? A little. But funny? Definitely. The site lists their contenders in wrinkled faceoffs of two, as well as a longer list of celebrities with odds in - or in this case not - exactly in their favor. Let’s get right down to it with the stars everyone is dying to wager on.

Death Matchups

The “Death Watch” series is a series much different than Baywatch; the cast is all withered and wrinkled rather than hot and always running in slow motion has multiple matchups. However, it’s almost a certainty that they too can run in slow motion but not on purpose. Sadly, it would be just as entertaining to watch only in a different kind of way. But on to the matchups!

Betty White, 97, is going head to head with Carol Burnett, 86, and White is favored to enter those pearly gates before Burnett. With eleven years on Burnett, it’s no big secret why White has odds of -260 to expire first. She passed her “sell by” date long ago and has been on “Death Watch” before it was even a thing. Burnett is the underdog with odds of +200.

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The next faceoff is between Charlie Sheen, 54, and Magic Johnson, 60, in the bookie’s apparent "HIV category". Both men have the disease. Sheen’s lifestyle alone has him beating Johnson with odds of -200 to take a dirt nap first. He may be younger than Johnson but he parties a lot more than him. Magic has odds of +160 to beat Sheen for that nap.

If you’re looking for a royal matchup, maybe Prince Phillip, 98, against Queen Elizabeth, 93, will scratch that itch. Have you seen the royals lately? They’ve both become more prune than person. For the first time in his life, it looks like it’ll take dying for the Prince to finally beat his wife at something. Prince Phillip has -140, making him the favorite to pass first. The Queen has odds of +100 and she will probably fall in with these odds. There is no way she is ready to give up her throne to Prince Charles just yet.

USAOnlineSportsbooks.com found plenty of other matchups and death odds in general for celebrities listed by MyBookie. Of course, these wagers are strictly for fun and are in no way meant to offend anyone. If the death matches call to you the way the grim reaper is calling to these contenders, place those bets now! Time is actually of the essence here.