Celebrity Fight Night: Johnny Depp Vs. Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk is favored to defeat Johnny Depp in a potential fight with -300 odds.
  • Los Angeles (+250) is favored to be the location of the fight.
  • Amber Heard's odds to attend this fight are a longshot at +550.
  • Johnny Depp is favored to win his court case against The Sun U.K. with -200 odds.

LAS VEGAS — The red carpet should be breaking out soon if a potential cage fight between Elon Musk and Johnny Depp is agreed upon.

Musk recently extended an open challenge to Depp in a cage match after the allegations of an affair between Musk, Cara Delevingne, and Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard.

Just the idea of the fight has sent online sportsbooks into a frenzy as odds have been posted for this potential fight already.

Cage Fight Winner

  • Elon Musk -300
  • Johnny Depp +200

Musk is clearly the heavy favorite to win this matchup as he is in more “fighting shape” than Depp is right now.

Elon Musk has mentioned before that working 100+ hours a week makes it hard to find time to work out and get in a fitness routine but he mentioned that he will find time one or two times a week to get in cardio or lift weights.

Musk’s workout and fitness routine should be more than enough to overtake Depp as Depp’s physical condition could be seen as up in the air.

He struggled with both alcohol and drug addiction early on in his life which could be taking a toll on his physical well-being today.

Knowing this, bettors should hit the favorite on Musk if there is a fight happening.

As for the location of the fight, Los Angeles is the favorite to be the location being that both Musk and Depp reside there.

Where Will The Musk-Depp Cage Fight Take Place?

  • Los Angeles +250
  • Fight Island (Abu Dhabi) +300
  • United Kingdom +400
  • Florida +500
  • France +600
  • South Africa +600
  • Pirate Ship +1000
  • Mars +2000

Following Los Angeles is Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. This could be a very real possibility and bettors should not be so quick to count it out.

All of the equipment and the main stage is already set up and ready to go if this fight is approved from both sides. It would obviously need approval from the owner of the UFC, Dana White, but that should not be a problem as White has a very open and exciting mind when it comes to fights.

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This would be a great bet for bettors to make as it is not only a longshot but it would offer a great payout.

The United Kingdom is also up there and the only reason is that this is where Johnny Depp’s ongoing court case is being held. Bettors could consider this option as well if Depp is looking to stay close to the court.

One of the more interesting entertainment odds here is whether or not Amber Heard will be in attendance at this fight.

Heard is favored not to be there with -1000 odds while the odds of her being in attendance are at +550.

Bettors should be taking the favorite here without a doubt as she has her feet in both sides of the court here. Between the allegations of an affair with Musk and being the ex-wife of Depp, bettors can expect Amber Heard to be as far away as possible for this fight.

Depp Vs. The Sun

Johnny Depp is currently in an ongoing court case against U.K. based media outlet, The Sun, for accusing him of abusing Heard.

As the court case has concluded already and awaits the final decision from the judge, the odds are favoring Depp to win with -200 odds while The Sun’s odds sit at +150.

This is not only wrong of the media outlet but it also shows poor media ethics as they are inserting themselves in a situation that does not pertain to them.

To make things even worse from The Sun’s point of view, Heard is looking got the trial to be over as quick as possible.

“I did not file this lawsuit and despite its significance, I would have preferred not to be here in court—It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship and to have my motives and my truth questioned and the most traumatic and intimate details of my life with Johnny shared in court and broadcast to the entire world,” said Heard in an interview with the Telegraph.

Being that Heard has been against there even being a court case, bettors should take the odds on Johnny Depp.