Chicago Remains A Longshot As Next Grand Theft Auto City

  • Miami has +125 odds to be the setting of the next Grand Theft Auto game.
  • Rumors put both Rio De Janeiro and Chicago as possible locations as well.
  • While both Rio and Chicago have longer odds than Miami, the game could involve multiple cities.

LAS VEGAS – While Grand Theft Auto 5 remains one of the most popular video games in the world, fans and bettors are wagering on what the basis for the next game will be.

GTA games are all set in cities based on real life cities, such as the GTA city of Los Santos being based on real-life Los Angeles.

Odds For Which City Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Be Based On

  • Miami +125
  • New York +250
  • Los Angeles +350
  • London +600
  • Rio De Janeiro +600
  • Detroit +1000
  • Las Vegas +1000
  • Seattle +1000
  • Boston +1500
  • Chicago +1500
  • Paris +2500
  • Rome +2500
  • Tokyo +2500
  • Beijing +5000
  • Moscow +8000
  • Naples +8000
  • Johannesburg +10000

The favorite is Miami, which longtime players of the series might know as Vice City.

However, while Vice City was based on Miami, it was also made clear in Grand Theft Auto III that both Vice City and Miami existed at the same time in the GTA universe.

Online sportsbooks  have New York is next on the odds boards, and it has also appeared in GTA games before, going by the pseudonym Liberty City.

Liberty City is a safe bet to appear in future GTA games as it has been the most used setting of the series so far.

Speaking of iconic cities that have counterparts in the GTA universe already, Los Angeles is perhaps the most iconic.

GTA: San Andreas, while loosely based on San Francisco, contained the city of Los Santos, which was revisited in GTA 5.

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One intriguing underdog is Chicago, a city that in real life has been famous for gang violence and a huge culture influencer – two things that the GTA series tends to be attracted to.

Chicago’s culture has gone worldwide, with drill music making its way to other cities, and rappers like Lil Durk still charting today.

However, Chicago remains a +1500 underdog on the odds boards.

What Have Reporters And Rumors Told Us?

Reports on what the next GTA city will be have varied, with GamesRadar reporting that it would feature a return to Vice City (Miami), and PC Gamer citing an anonymous Reddit post that suggests it will be split between Vice City and a new city based on Rio De Janeiro.

Dexerto reported in April that there were rumors that the project would include not only Vice City and Rio De Janeiro, but Carcer City, based on Chicago.

The sportsbook that offers these odds, Bovada, has attached one major caveat to them: “If more than one city is present all wagers will be No Action.”

In other words, Chicago at +1500 might be a good wager – but if these rumors are true, and the game is split between multiple cities, GTA betting fans might not see a payout at all.