Daily Sports Betting Preview 10/7/2020: VP Debate, Portugal vs. Spain, French Open

  • Kamala Harris has -300 odds to say “Lie/Lied/Liar” more than 1.5 times during the debate.
  • Portugal is a +140 favorite against Spain in an international friendly match today.
  • Pablo Carreno Busta is a +900 underdog to Novak Djokovic in the French Open.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to Wednesday’s Daily Sports Betting Preview, featuring politics! Today’s edition kicks off with some prop bets on the United States Vice Presidential debate.

Then, the Preview takes a look at the international friendly matches taking place in the soccer world. Finally, Novak Djokovic takes on Pablo Carreno Busta in the French Open.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Vice Presidential Debate Props

The first and only US Vice Presidential Debate takes place on Wednesday between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.

The online sportsbooks have a lot of interesting prop bets available on various events that could happen during the debate.

Total Times Kamala Harris Says "Lie/Lied/Liar"

  • Over 1½ lie/lied/liar -300
  • Under 1½ lie/lied/liar +200

Kamala Harris had one really memorable debate moment during the primaries, which (perhaps unfortunately for her) came at the expense of the man she is now running down ticket from, Joe Biden.

Later, when asked about that moment, and how she could square that kind of conviction with being on the same ticket with the man, her response was simple:

“It was a debate.”

She wasn’t known for confrontation in the debates outside of that moment, so a wager on whether or not she will actually call a lie a lie is an interesting one.

Which Candidate Will Say "Coronavirus" More Times

  • Kamala Harris -150
  • Mike Pence +110

Harris is the favorite to mention the word “coronavirus” more than her opponent.

One thing to note, however, is that in order to win this wager, Harris must say “coronavirus” and not “COVID-19” or “corona”.

These are but a few of the interesting politics bets that one can place at the online sportsbooks, and seasoned debate watchers can check them out.

International Friendlies - Portugal vs. Spain

The amount of International Friendlies today exceeds 20, and that means that picking one game to discuss would normally be a difficult endeavor.

Fortunately. Portugal is taking on Spain, which is always a matchup worth considering.

The Portuguese are slightly favored in this international matchup, which is certainly a sentence that wouldn’t have been written five or so years ago.

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Portugal vs. Spain

  • Portugal +140
  • Spain +185
  • Draw +230

One thing that is immediately apparent about the three way moneyline is that all of the outcomes seem to have relatively similar probabilities.

None of them are particularly more likely than the others - the probabilities of various outcomes are bunched together, making this game hard to predict.

Portugal are favorites, yes, but not enough to be outright favorites, and Spain are always a dangerous group.

A draw is eminently possible, with +230 odds, which are fairly short odds for a draw.

One important note about this matchup is that Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo will likely not be a participant, and his presence or lack thereof could really change this line.

Spain’s national team, meanwhile, has been focusing on moving onward to the next generation as players like Xavi and Andres Iniesta aged out of participation.

This leaves them somewhat diminished from the peak of their powers in the early 2010’s - they’re in the wilderness, so to speak.

That said, they have a young team full of talent, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see soccer bettors who wagered on their side of this matchup cashing their tickets after this game.

French Open Betting

The French Open rolls on today as Novak Djokovic looks to face a serious challenge in the form of Pablo Carreno Busta.

Well, as serious a challenge as anyone not named Nadal can put up against him. Which is to say, not much of one.

Djokovic is a big-time favorite in this matchup, as many tennis bettors might expect.

Novak Djokovic vs. Pablo Carreno Busta

  • Novak Djokovic -1800
  • Pablo Carreno Busta +900

However, this matchup might end up being even more lopsided than it looks like it would be on paper.

Novak Djokovic vs. Pablo Carreno Busta

  • Novak Djokovic -9.0 (-105)
  • Pablo Carreno Busta +9.0 (-125)

Carreno Busta appears to have been suffering from the effects of an illness during the previous round, which could cause problems for him this round.

"I had a little general discomfort, my stomach bothered me,” said Carreno Busta. “It’s been a strange couple of days, today a little worse. I have gone to the doctor, he measured my temperature and I was fine.”

Carreno Busta will obviously need to be at his best in order to defeat Djokovic - the gap between them is apparent.

However, Carreno Busta was bullish about his own chances at full health, saying “I do not see myself inferior to anyone if I am one hundred percent.”

Tennis bettors might recall that Carreno Busta was the opponent that Djokovic was playing in the US Open when he disqualified himself by hitting a line judge.

This is a good reminder that anything can happen in a tennis match, even the best player in the world getting himself disqualified.

Happy Betting!