Daily Sports Betting Preview 11/2/2020: Paris Masters, Premier League, CS:GO BLAST Europe

  • Karen Khachanov is a -170 favorite over Alejandro Davidovich Fokina.
  • Leeds United are +145 favorites over Leicester City in the Premier League.
  • Furia have -145 odds to defeat G2, even after G2 added NiKo a few days ago.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview traverses three major sporting events looking for the best bets.

First, in the world of Tennis, Karen Khachanov takes on Alejandro Davidovich Fokina at the Paris Masters. Then, in the Premier League, Leeds United battle Leicester City and the odds are remarkably even.

Finally, G2 faces off against Furia in the CS:GO Blast Premier Fall competition.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Tennis Betting

Today’s tennis matchup could reasonably be described as a vision of the future - both Karen Khachanov and Alejandro Davidovich Fokina are elite players who will only improve with time.

Khachanov is ranked 19th in the world at only 24 years old and has a 20-14 record in the current year.

Davidovich Fokina, meanwhile, is even younger, at only 21 years old, and is ranked 63rd in the world by the ATP.

Even at his young age, Davidovich Fokina has been holding his own this year, with an ATP record of 11-9.

The two young guns are set to face off on Monday at 1:50 p.m. EST.

Karen Khachanov vs. Alejandro Davidovich Fokina

  • Karen Khachanov -170
  • Alejandro Davidovich Fokina +140

The moneyline for this match features Khachanov as a notable favorite at -170, while Davidovich Fokina checks in with +140 odds. This is very reasonable - Khachanov is a bit older, far more experienced, and significantly higher ranked than Davidovich Fokina.

Karen Khachanov vs. Alejandro Davidovich Fokina

  • Karen Khachanov -2.5 (-115)
  • Alejandro Davidovich Fokina +2.5 (-115)

The spread is set at -2.5 games in favor of Khachanov, and there is no lopsided shading on this spread - 2.5 seems to be where it will stay.

Davidovich Fokina turned pro in 2019 and has consistently improved since then. He has a mountain to overcome in Khachanov, however.

Khachanov is a deserving favorite, and definitely closer to the top of the tennis world than Davidovich Fokina, but if the favorite won every time, the online sportsbooks would be out of business, and tennis bettors would be very rich.

Premier League Betting

Leeds United is set to take on Leicester City in a great Premier League matchup that starts at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Leicester sit in eighth place in the Premier League with a record of 4-0-2, which separates them from Leeds by two points. The only difference between the teams is that Leeds has one less win and one more draw at this point in the season.

Last year, Leicester City finished fifth in the Premier League, while Leeds United were promoted from the Championship, the second tier league in English football.

Leeds have done well to achieve the record that they have over the course of their first six games in the PL - especially since this is their first time back in 16 years. They’ve done so well, in fact, that the odds have them almost equal with Leicester City in this match, who, once again, finished in fifth place last year.

Leicester City vs. Leeds United

  • Leicester City +170
  • Leeds United +145
  • Draw +255

The three way moneyline sees Leeds United as an extremely mild favorite, while Leicester City’s odds sit at +170.

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Neither team is that much better than the other such that they would be an odds on favorite on the three way moneyline, however.

For that, one has to turn to the spread.

Leicester City vs. Leeds United

  • Leicester City +0.0 (+100)
  • Leeds United -0.0 (-120)

The spread is obviously 0.0 goals, meaning that effectively it serves as an alternate moneyline. One can compare these odds to the three way moneyline odds to see how much the likelihood of a draw affects the chances for each side.

If one is willing to accept a loss in the event of a draw, the odds on the three way moneyline are more generous.

If one wants to opt for safety, it could be best to place a wager on the spread.

Soccer bettors will have to choose which option appeals to them the most.

CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall

The CS:GO Blast Premier Fall brings a fairly stellar matchup to the table today as G2 faces off against Furia.

Furia enters this tournament ranked as fourth in the world, and the Brazilian titans have won the last two major Americas tournaments.

Now, they extend themselves to Europe, looking for cross-continental dominance.

They are set to face off with one of the premier teams in European CS:GO, G2.

G2 recently signed NiKo from FaZe in what has been referred to as the “biggest CS:GO signing in history.”

NiKo will be part of the roster for today’s matchup and should be a major storyline for CS:GO fans and bettors to follow.

Furia vs. G2

  • Furia -145
  • G2 +110

G2 have been on a bit of a slide recently, and NiKo will look to help with that as they enter this matchup as underdogs.

Furia are one of the best teams in the world, and they are deserving favorites at -145 odds.

The storyline for this matchup will revolve around the addition of NiKo - G2 is not expected to win, but if they do, it will likely be credited to him.

The two teams have never faced off before, and this cross-continental battle should be one for the ages.

CS:GO bettors will not want to miss this epic showdown.

Happy Betting!