Daily Sports Betting Preview 12/11/2020: Premier League, College Basketball, CSGO Betting

  • Leeds United are -170 favorites on the no draw moneyline over West Ham.
  • Iowa State are 14 point underdogs to Iowa in college basketball action.
  • FURIA have +120 odds to defeat NaVi at BLAST Premier Fall.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Friday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview!

Today’s Preview focuses on several quality betting opportunities, starting in the Premier League, where Leeds United battles West Ham.

After that, Iowa State faces off against Iowa and looks to unseat the third-ranked team in the nation. Finally, FURIA takes on Natus Vincere in the CS:GO BLAST Premier Fall competition.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Premier League Betting

Leeds United and West Ham are both solidly mid-table teams at the moment, although West Ham are having a better go of it than Leeds.

West Ham sit at eighth in the Premier League with a record of five wins, two draws and four losses.

Leeds United, on the other hand, are outside of the relegation zone at fourteenth, with a record of four wins, two draws and five losses.

In other words, despite this being a matchup of eighth against fourteenth, the two teams have relatively similar records.

Leeds United vs. West Ham

  • Leeds United +120
  • West Ham +215
  • Draw +265

Leeds United, the lower ranked team, are favored in this matchup over West Ham.

Obviously the rankings aren’t everything, but it’s worth noting that West Ham have a positive goal differential (+4) while Leeds United are negative (-4).

There are two main points to understand here.

The ranking differential is not that large, and should not be taken as the gospel truth as to the relationship between these two teams.

Despite that, West Ham clearly seem to be in better form than Leeds this season - but they are still underdogs on paper, possible due to the game being a home game for Leeds.

The no draw moneyline makes this especially clear:

Leeds United vs. West Ham - No Draw

  • Leeds United -170
  • West Ham +130

Leeds United are clear favorites on the no draw moneyline with -170 odds, while West Ham move from +215 to +130, a fairly significant movement.

Partially, this reflects that a draw is a relatively likely outcome - both teams see similar improvement when it is removed from the equation.

West Ham might be a better team than Leeds United, but the fact that this game is at home for Leeds makes it a tough call.

Given that the matchup could go either way, soccer bettors should consider taking the points on the underdog in this matchup, West Ham.

College Basketball Betting

Iowa State faces off against Iowa in a bid to take down one of the best teams in the nation.

Iowa, ranked third in the nation right now, is clearly an elite team with a ton of talent. The team is 4-0 right now, and Luka Garza is averaging nearly 30 points per game.

Iowa State, on the other hand, is unranked, and sitting at 1-1. Their offense is more balanced than Iowa’s, but lower caliber.

Iowa vs. Iowa State

  • Iowa State +750
  • Iowa -1400

The moneyline on Iowa is relatively short, although a seven percent return on investment is not nothing.

That said, most of the action on this matchup will be on a fairly competitive 14-point spread.

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Iowa vs. Iowa State

  • Iowa State +14.0 (-110)
  • Iowa -14.0 (-110)

Of Iowa’s four games played so far, only one of them has had a margin of victory below 14 points.

They are not afraid to run up the score on inferior teams, which has resulted in a 3-1 ATS record so far this season.

Iowa State, meanwhile, has not covered the spread in either of their games this season.

However, the most important trend going into this matchup is the face that Iowa is playing at home, and they’re spectacular at home.

In their last 23 home games, they have a record of 17-4-2 ATS, meaning that around 80% of the time, bettors on Iowa home spreads have found themselves, at the very least, not losing money.

The moneyline on Iowa might be a bit prohibitive, but there are a couple lower sample size moneylines that have less prohibitive odds.

First team to reach 10 points

  • Iowa State +215
  • Iowa -330

First Team to reach 20 points

  • Iowa State +225
  • Iowa -350

Each of these serves as a low sample size proxy for the actual moneyline. The most important aspect of this is that each of these wagers has far better odds than the moneyline.

This is because there is far more variance at play over a smaller sample size.

Payouts, in sports betting, increase and decrease with the risk being taken, and this is certainly more risky than the moneyline.

However, the reward is far greater as well - a nearly 400% increase in profit over the moneyline, should they hit.

College basketball bettors should consider all options on the table, from the safe moneyline to the spread to the small sample lines.

CS:GO Betting

Finally, a quick hit from the world of esports as FURIA faces off against NaVi in the BLAST Premier Fall.

Furia vs. NaVi

  • FURIA +120
  • Natus Vincere -160

Both of these teams have already been knocked into the losers bracket in this tournament, so this is effectively an elimination match.

NaVi are ranked third in the world, while FURIA are seventh in the world.

The teams last faced off at ESL One Cologne in 2019, a matchup that saw NaVi take a 2-0 victory over FURIA.

Speaking of 2-0, the spread on this matchup, as always, is +/- 1.5, making it effectively a bet on whether or not NaVI will 2-0.

Furia vs. NaVi

  • FURIA +1.5 (-275)
  • Natus Vincere -1.5 (+200)

Another way of thinking about this is that it is effectively a bet on whether or not FURIA will be able to take a set from NaVi.

FURIA +1.5 encompasses outcomes like FURIA 1-2 NaVi and FURIA 2-0 NaVi, while NaVI -1.5 only hits if NaVi 2-0’s FURIA.

CS:GO bettors would be wise to consider all possibilities when wagering on this matchup.

Happy Betting!