Daily Sports Betting Preview 12/14/2020: College Basketball, La Liga, Big Bash League

  • Rutgers hosts Maryland as a mild underdog to the unranked squad.
  • Marquette already took down one top 25 team, can they do it again against Creighton?
  • Celta de Vigo have -150 odds to defeat Cadiz on the three way moneyline.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this excellent Monday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview!

Today’s Preview kicks off with top 25 college basketball as Rutgers visits Maryland and Creighton hosts Marquette.

Then, in La Liga, Celta de Vigo takes on Cadiz in a compelling match of soccer.

Finally, the Big Bash League brings some solid cricket action to the betting slate today.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Top 25 College Basketball

Today’s college basketball slate is a bit lackluster compared to previous days, but there are still two top 25 teams set to fire games today.

First, at 6:00 p.m. EST, Rutgers faces off against Maryland, while at 9:00 p.m. EST Creighton battles Marquette.

Rutgers vs. Maryland

Rutgers enters this matchup with a 4-0 record, and are looking at mounting an attempt to move higher up in the rankings. Maryland, on the other hand, have a 4-1 record and are looking to grab a victory here in an attempt to get to ranked status.

Rutgers vs. Maryland

  • Rutgers +125
  • Maryland -145

Maryland, unranked, is still the favorite in this matchup on the moneyline, albeit fairly slightly.

They are playing at home, and Rutgers has actually not played a road game so far this season, so that could be impacting the odds.

Rutgers vs. Maryland

  • Rutgers +2.5 (-110)
  • Maryland -2.5 (-110)

The spread favors Maryland by around one possession, which denotes the closeness of the game. Again, home court advantage might play into this.

It’s worth noting that Rutgers’ 4-0 record is not nearly so impressive against the spread, where they are 1-2-1. Meanwhile, Maryland has a 3-2 ATS record, but at home that record improves to 3-1.

Creighton vs. Marquette

Creighton and Marquette make up the other ranked game on the betting slate today, with Creighton entering this game ranked eighth in the nation.

Marquette is a reasonable challenger to Creighton, with a big win over #13 Wisconsin on their resume already.

Still unranked, Marquette will look to take down yet another elite team in their search for a ranking.

Marquette vs. Creighton

  • Marquette +255
  • Creighton -310

Marquette have their work cut out for them on the moneyline, with +255 odds to win the game outright.

Creighton are more favored on both the moneyline and the spread against Marquette than Wisconsin were.

Speaking of the spread:

Marquette vs. Creighton

  • Marquette +7.0 (-110)
  • Creighton -7.0 (-110)

With no shading on either side of the spread, it seems set at an even Creighton -7.0.

Both teams involved in this matchup seem to be relatively figured out by the sportsbooks. Marquette has a 3-3 ATS record on the season, while Creighton has a 3-2 ATS record entering this matchup.

This spread also hasn’t really moved at all. Most sportsbooks opened betting with Creighton -7.0, and the spread remains there.

This looks to be a compelling matchup for college basketball bettors to wager on, and joins Rutgers vs. Maryland as one of the highlights of Monday’s betting slate.

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La Liga Betting

La Liga sees a fairly quality faceoff as Celta de Vigo get set to take on Cadiz at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Cadiz enters this matchup as the sixth best team in La Liga, with a record of five wins, three draws and four losses.

Celta de Vigo, meanwhile, sit just outside the relegation zone at 17th, with a record of three wins, four draws and five losses.

The season is still early enough that there is not an enormous gap between sixth place and 17th place in La Liga, although the gap is clear on the odds - and not in the way one would expect based solely on records.

Celta de Vigo vs. Cadiz

  • Celta de Vigo -150
  • Cadiz +475
  • Draw +270

Celta de Vigo enter this matchup as serious favorites, even odds on favorites on the three way moneyline.

Cadiz are looked at as something of a fool’s gold team at this point in the season - the sample size is still fairly low, and they have a -2 goal differential.

Cadiz were only promoted to La Liga this year, earning promotion for the first time since 2005 in the 2019-2020 season.

For this reason, there is a lot of skepticism surrounding their current record, even against a team like Celta de Vigo, who finished in 17th place the last two seasons.

Celta de Vigo vs. Cadiz

  • Celta de Vigo -475
  • Cadiz +305

The three way moneyline makes it clear, however, that despite Celta de Vigo’s history of mediocre La Liga play, they are still clearly a La Liga team.

Cadiz, meanwhile, does not have that track record.

Soccer bettors will have to decide what matters to them in terms of evaluating this matchup: consistent low-end-of-top-flight-performances from Celta or the potential for Cadiz’s results to hold up.

If Cadiz is the team their record implies they are, they should win this matchup. The question is, are they that team?

Big Bash League Cricket

The Big Bash League brings some solid cricket action to the table for all of the cricket bettors among the readership.

For those unaware, the Big Bash league is a Twenty20 cricket league based out of Australia that has been in operation since 2011.

There are two matches in the league today - or technically tomorrow, depending on time zones.

Hobart Hurricanes vs. Adelaide Strikers

  • Hobart Hurricanes -110
  • Adelaide Strikers -110

The Hurricanes and the Strikers are set to face off in what looks to be a very even matchup according to the sportsbooks.

This matchup kicks off at 3:15 p.m. EST, and pits the second ranked team against the seventh ranked team.

However, the rankings should be taken with a massive grain of salt at this point, as the BBL has only completed 1-2 games per team.

Perth Scorchers vs. Melbourne Strikers

  • Perth Scorchers +110
  • Melbourne Strikers -130

Despite the desire to take the rankings with a grain of salt, the Melbourne Strikers sit as the number one team in the league right now.

They are 2-0 with two bonus points so far, and a respectably positive net run rate of 1.218, second best in the league.

The Scorchers, meanwhile, looked woeful in the one game they’ve played, as they lost, and put up a net run rate of -1.439.

Melbourne deserve to be favorites, and honestly might deserve to be more favored than they currently are.

Happy betting!