Daily Sports Betting Preview 2/19/20: Champions League And CS:GO Betting

  • Atalanta takes on Valencia in a clash of underrepresented teams in the Champions League.
  • Bettors will find an even contest when watching Tottenham take on RB Leipzig.
  • The ESEA CS:GO Premier Division has fourteen games today.

VALENCIA, Spain – The Preview is back today to discuss the two Champions League matchups that occur today: Atalanta vs. Valencia and Tottenham Hotspur vs. RB Leipzig.

After that, it will be time for some esports action, as the Preview checks in with the ESEA Premier Division in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Atalanta vs. Valencia

After yesterday’s Champions League matches, excitement abounds for the two today.

Atalanta and Valencia are not traditional powerhouses of the Champions League, although Valencia has much more of a history in that sense. It is worth noting, however, that Valencia has not made it to the Champions League finals since 2001 when it lost to Bayern Munich.

Atalanta, on the other hand, has almost no history in the major club competitions of Europe. They snuck out of their group after losing the first three games in the group stage, and now are faced with a round of 16 berth against a team with a lot more history than them.

And yet, they are favored on the betting spread.

Atalanta is a full goal favorite on the spread, and -180 to win the game on the moneyline. Valencia, meanwhile, goal underdogs on the spread, have +500 odds to win this game outright. A draw is +340.

The over/under line is set at 3 goals, with a little bit of shading towards the under.

Tottenham vs. RB Leipzig

While much has been made of the controversy around RB Leipzig’s alleged abuse of Bundesliga rules and regulations in order to buy their way into owning a top team in the league, the one thing nobody can dispute is that the team in question is a good one.

Leipzig’s meteoric rise would be an excellent story in a context other than the one it exists in: Red Bull bought them as a marketing vehicle and has spent big on players, which has allowed them to get very good very quickly.

Tottenham enters the game injury-riddled, with injuries to strikers Harry Kane and Son Heung-min leaving manager Jose Mourinho casting about for someone to put the ball in the back of the net.

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This injury struggle has pretty clearly impacted the odds for this game.

The spread is actually +/- 0 right now on Bovada, with Leipzig +0 getting -125 odds and Tottenham +0 getting +105 odds.

On the moneyline, the game is remarkably close. Tottenham comes in with +180 while Leipzig slightly edges them at +160, and a draw is an astounding +250.

These teams are certainly thought of as evenly matched at the moment, and online sportsbooks seem to be shading the odds heavily towards a draw.

ESEA CS:GO Premier Division

As longtime readers of the Preview will know, esports betting is a growing sector of sports betting, and one that many bettors should examine.

The ESEA CS:GO premier division is a good place to get started as CS:GO is one of the archetypal shooting game esports and many games follow a similar formula in how their esports are run.

There are fourteen games that take place today, far too many to discuss all of them in this Preview, but one thing that does fit within the word count is a discussion of the matches with the longest odds involved in them.

Interestingly, both of the matches with long odds involved involve Nordavind, who are massive +235 underdogs in their first match of the day, against Big (-345), but are enormous favorites in their second match of the day, with -385 odds to beat Unicorns of Love (+260).

Of the matches that take place today, only these matches break into the + or – 300 range.