Daily Sports Betting Preview 3/17/2020: Turkish Soccer, Horse Racing and Counter-Strike

  • Goztepe takes on Caykur Rizespor in the Turkish League, and something is a little off with the way the lines are currently set.
  • The Down Royal Racecourse in Ireland hosts 7 races today.
  • Faceit’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive Flashpoint event brings two Counter Strike matches to the betting table.

RIZE, Turkey - The Daily Sports Betting Preview once again covers all of the formerly obscure, currently top-tier sports that bettors might be interested in. Today’s edition of the preview starts out in Rize, Turkey, as the Turkish Super League soccer organization continues play.

After that, the preview takes a look at some horseracing from the Down Royal in Ireland. Finally, there are two matches in Faceit’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Flashpoint, which is a good opportunity for readers to familiarize themselves with esports.

Goztepe vs. Caykur Rizespor Betting Preview

The Turkish Super Lig is one of the very few major sporting organizations still running games amid the COVID-19 crisis. Luckily for sports bettors, many are familiar with soccer betting and how it tends to work, and now, the Super Lig is one of the only games in town.

Today’s Super Lig game features Goztepe and Caykur Rizespor, the eighth-ranked and sixteenth ranked teams respectively.

Rizespor is currently in the relegation zone – they will be relegated to the second tier of Turkish soccer if they do not start playing a little better, along with two other teams.

Rizespor currently boasts a record of seven wins, four draws, and fourteen losses, while Goztepe has nine wins, seven draws, and nine losses.

Goztepe enters this match with only one win in their last five matches, but Rizespor perhaps boasts the worst record in the Super Lig within their last five matches: four losses and one draw.

Given all of this information, the line is a little surprising.

Goztepe is favored by only half a goal, and there is shading towards Rizespor in that respect – Goztepe -0.5 is +105, while Rizespor +0.5 is -135.

Goztepe have even odds to win on the moneyline, with Rizespor at +270 and a draw at +245, which is an unusually high number, and likely responsible for the weirdness with the spread. The over/under line for the game is set at 2.5 goals, and the over is -120 while the under is -110.

The sportsbooks seem to believe that there is a significant likelihood of a draw, but there’s some weakness in this line.

Given Goztepe are only favored by half a goal, if they win at all, they cover that spread. That spread has +105 odds, while the moneyline (for them to win straight up) has even odds. In other words, if a sports bettor thinks that Goztepe will win, they can get better odds by betting on them -0.5 at +105.

Down Royal Racecourse Betting Preview

The Down Royal Racecourse in Ireland is running seven races today – a smorgasbord of options for the seasoned horse race bettor and those familiar with betting on events such as the Preakness Stakes.

Horse racing is one of the less likely sporting events to shut down, but it is still possible, so bettors should enjoy it while it lasts and take advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Of the seven races today, many of them have significant favorites, and two of them have favorites that are close to favored vs the field.

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Those two races are: Race 6, where Winged Leader has even odds to win, second favorite Samurai Cracker is +150, and the next closest horse is +900, and Race 7, where Delvino is -120, and the next closest horse is +350.

Only two races have favorites with less than +200 odds. The first of these is Race 2, which is one of today’s larger races, wherein two horses, Kristian Goingwel and Stoughan Cross both have +350 odds and lead the remaining 16 horses.

The second of these two races is race 3, where Lily’s gem is +275, leading the remaining nine horses by a significant margin.

Basically, this horse race day has multiple types of horse races – horse races with prohibitive favorites, and horse races that are relatively more open.

It is up to the individual bettor which type of race they prefer to bet on.

Faceit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Flashpoint Betting Preview

Faceit’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Flashpoint brings two matches of one of the premier esports in the world to the table today.

In the first match, MAD Lions take on Copenhagen Flames. On the moneyline, MAD Lions are -250 to win outright, while Copenhagen Flames are +180.

CS:GO betting tends to use a puck line style of betting when setting their lines – the underdog will be given a +1.5 handicap, while the favorite receives a -1.5 handicap, and then the betting is done from there.

In this match, MAD Lions -1.5 is +130, while Copenhagen Flames +1.5 is -180 – the puck line style of oddsmaking has successfully flipped the odds by handicapping this way. This match starts at 1 p.m. EST.

The second match today starts at 4 p.m. EST and features Havu Gaming taking on C0Ntact Gaming.

This match looks to be a little closer – Havu are underdogs at +130, while C0Ntact are -180 favorites on the moneyline.

The makeshift puck line that CS:GO betting tends to use has once again successfully flipped those odds on the spread, though, as Havu +1.5 is -240, the biggest favorite bet available in this competition today.

Meanwhile, C0Ntact -1.5 is a -170 underdog.

These matches should provide an interesting introduction to esports betting for those unfamiliar – and regular readers of this column should get familiar, as many sports aren’t planning to return for several months.