Daily Sports Betting Preview 3/9/2021: Champions League, ACC Tournament, NHL Wagering

  • Juventus FC faces off against FC Porto as favorites to win this match and to qualify for the next round of the UEFA Champions League.
  • The Duke Blue Devils are 13-point favorites over the Boston College Eagles.
  • The Florida Panthers have -130 odds to defeat the Columbus Blue Jackets.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Thursday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview!

First up on the Preview, Juventus FC battles FC Porto in the second leg of their Champions League matchup. Then, the Duke Blue Devils take on the Boston College Eagles in ACC basketball action. Finally, the Florida Panthers take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Soccer Betting

Juventus and Porto’s matchup in the Champions League Round of 16 hangs on a knife’s edge.

With Porto winning the first matchup by a score of 2-1 (and notching two all-important away goals while doing so), they’re in the driver’s seat to qualify for the next round of the tournament.

Juventus will be away for this match, so they’ll need a score of 2-1 or better in order to either force extra time or win outright.

The sportsbooks see them as a big favorite, which is good news for those hoping that Juventus moves on to the next round.

Juventus vs. Porto Three Way Moneyline

  • Juventus -230
  • Porto +650
  • Draw +365

Juventus are more than 2:1 favorites on the three way moneyline, with their -230 odds giving them a very good shot at a win.

However, a low scoring win will not be enough - they need at least a 3-1 victory in order to overcome Porto’s away goals scored in the first leg, or a 2-1 victory to match them.

Juventus vs. Porto No Draw Moneyline

  • Juventus -700
  • Porto +475

The no draw moneyline is heavily weighted towards Juventus, which is good for them, in the context of what they need.

Obviously, if Porto wins this match, they’ll take home the win over two legs, and for Juventus, the path to qualification requires victory.

Winning the match doesn’t guarantee a qualification, but they have a very good shot at qualifying if they win the match and score enough goals.

Juventus vs. Porto To Qualify

  • Juventus -190
  • Porto +160

This match is balanced on a razor’s edge, with Porto, the underdog, having a numerical advantage, effectively starting this match out with a goal in hand as well as a potential tiebreaker in the form of away goals.

Despite this, Juventus are nearly 2:1 favorites to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

Soccer betting enthusiasts will have to weigh the range of possible outcomes in this match when wagering on it.

NCAA Basketball Betting

Duke and Boston College are set to face off in the ACC Conference Tournament, where despite Duke’s mediocre season, they are the Number 10 seed.

Duke is unsurprisingly favored in this game, and it’s not a question of Duke being good, it’s a question of Boston College being abysmal.

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Duke vs. Boston College Moneyline

  • Boston College +525
  • Duke -850

Duke is a big favorite in this game, and it’s not hard to see why when one takes a look at Boston College.

BC has a 4-15 record over the course of the season, and an 8-10-1 ATS record, indicating that not only are they pretty bad, they were expected to be around this level.

Duke, on the other hand, has truly underperformed, with a record of 11-11 straight up, and a 7-15 record against the spread.

Duke vs. Boston College Spread

  • Boston College +13.0 (-110)
  • Duke -13.0 (-110)

The spread for the match should not inspire confidence in college basketball betting fans on either side of the matchup.

Duke has famously underperformed the spreads in their matchups this year, while Boston College has done better, but still falls below .500 against the spread.

Duke boasts a 2-5 ATS record in their last seven neutral site games, which is roughly in line with their overall ATS record this season.

This matchup is likely to go in Duke’s favor, but whether or not they can cover a 13 point spread is another question entirely.

NHL Betting

The Florida Panthers and the Columbus Blue Jackets are set to face off in an NHL matchup that seems closer on the sportsbooks than it might seem on the standings.

The Florida Panthers have a record of 15-5-2-2, while the Columbus Blue Jackets boast a record of 10-11-3-2. Despite this disparity in performance, the matchup is actually remarkably tight on the sportsbooks.

Florida Panthers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets Moneyline

  • Florida Panthers -130
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +110

The fact that a team with the record that the Panthers have can be found at -130 in a matchup against a clearly weaker team is surprising.

Perhaps this is a case of the sportsbooks believing that the Panthers will fall back to earth when they regress to the mean. Regardless, it seems like they could be a solid play for those who believe in their long-term potential.

It’s important to note, however, that the sportsbooks do not seem to share that belief - if the sportsbooks thought the Panthers were as good as their record, they wouldn’t be only -130 in this matchup.

Florida Panthers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets Puck Line

  • Florida Panthers -1.5 (+185)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +1.5 (-225)

Neither of these teams has excelled in covering the puck line this season, with both of them under .500.

The Panthers are 11-13 against the puck line, while the Blue Jackets are 11-15 against the puck line. It’s worth noting that the Panthers are 6-5 against the puck line on the road, while the Blue Jackets are 7-6 against the puck line at home.

NHL betting enthusiasts have a variety of different possible wagers for this matchup, and the key to all of them is whether or not they believe the Panthers’ current performance is sustainable.

Good Luck!