Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/1/2020: Greyhounds, Horses And Politics

  • There are 24 greyhound races being run out of Naples Fort Myers in Florida today.
  • The Albany Racecourse in Australia brings eight horse races to the betting slate.
  • Political betting odds on which European leader will be the next to leave office are out.

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - Greetings, and welcome to the first April edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview.

Today’s edition of the preview starts out focusing on greyhound racing in Florida, courtesy of the Naples Fort Myers complex, which hosts a large number of races today.

After that, the Preview turns to another type of race betting - horse racing. There are multiple horse racing competitions sure to catch the eye of experienced bettors.

Finally, the Preview closes out with some overseas political betting. Everyone has familiarized themselves with the United States’ political situation, but what about some other countries?

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Greyhound Racing - Naples Fort Myers Betting Preview

There are a large number of races being run out of the Naples Fort Myers complex in Bonita Springs, Florida today.

With 24 races on the betting slate just from this complex alone, today can be a busy one for bettors if they want it to be.

While the Preview obviously cannot cover all of the races, it can break down how greyhound betting works using one of them as an example.

Here is an example of a race from today’s slate at the complex. It features eight greyhounds, each with varying odds to win the race and varying numbers. This race kicks off at 2:20 p.m. EST.

Greyhound Racing Odds

  • 5 - Mv Shop Vac +250
  • 3 - Bgr Sorcerer +300
  • 1 - Imark Sauerkraut +350
  • 4 - Corns A Poppin +500
  • 2 - Jt's Double Slot +600
  • 7 - Oakland Rivet +600
  • 8 - American Gospel +600
  • 6 - Tipsy Wesley +800

The first number is the number each of the greyhounds is wearing. For example, Imark Sauerkraut wears the number one, JT’s Double Slot wears the number two, Bgr Sorcerer wears the number three, and so on.

This system allows bettors to easily keep track of how each greyhound is performing in the race while it is being run.

The next thing a bettor will notice are the odds. For this race, they’re actually fairly even - no greyhound has longer than +800 odds in a field of eight hounds.

The biggest favorite is Mv Shop Vac, with +250 odds, who is closely followed by Bgr Sorcerer at +300, and Imark Sauerkraut at +350. These three are the overall favorites. At most online sportsbooks, all you have to do to pick a winner is click the one you want to bet on, and bet on it.

Greyhound racing is an interesting addition to any betting slate.

Albany (AUS) Horse Race Betting

After the discussion on greyhound racing, the Preview turns to another type of racing that is a more common betting practice: horse racing.

Albany racecourse in western Australia is one of the premier racecourses in the country and hosts multiple races today. Eight different races are being held at Albany Racecourse, and while the preview cannot cover all of them, it can highlight the most interesting one.

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The most interesting one appears to be race eight, which has a large amount of horses competing, and some intriguing odds to boot.

Race Eight Odds

  • 4 - Willow River +110
  • 1 - Molly Twohundred +400
  • 7 - Foxy Princess +500
  • 8 - Ellens Choice +650
  • 5 - Ibiza +800
  • 3 - Foxy Royale +900
  • 10 - Indriel +2000
  • 2 - Martinelli +2500
  • 6 - Long Knife +2500
  • 9 - Everasready +5000

This is a ten horse race, and yet, the favorite is a significant one. Willow River is approaching even odds to win a race with ten horses in it, which is a colossal achievement for the horse.

No other horse is even close - Molly Twohundred is the next closest and has +400 odds, and the odds for other horses get even worse from there.

This presents some interesting opportunities for bettors to take advantage of. For example, a bettor could bet on up to four horses, as long as none of the horses were Willow River, and if any of those four horses won, they would at least break even.

Of course, that would mean that the prohibitive favorite does not win - but that’s the risk of bets like these in the first place.

Either way, Albany Racecourse’s offerings today should be considered by many sports bettors as worthy additions to the betting slate.

Overseas Political Betting

While most people are at least passingly familiar with the political situation in America, not many are familiar with the political situation in various other countries.

There are a couple interesting betting opportunities for those who are. The Preview today will highlight one of many overseas political betting opportunities.

Today’s highlighted political bet is on which European political leader will leave office next.

Who Will Leave Office Next?

  • Angela Merkel (Chancellor Of Germany) -125
  • Giuseppe Conte (Prime Minister Of Italy) +175
  • Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) +1100
  • Pedro Sánchez (Prime Minister Of Spain) +1200
  • Emmanuel Macron (President Of France) +3300

Angela Merkel has long been rumored to be on the outgoing track and leads this category by a significant margin with -125 odds.

Merkel is followed by Guiseppe Conte of Italy, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rest of the list is all above +1000 odds, and appear to be longshots in this category. Boris Johnson of England has seen his favorability rise during the COVID-19 crisis and clocks in with +1100 odds.

Rounding out the pack are Pedro Sanchez of Spain with +1200 odds, fresh off the nationalization of Spain’s hospital system, and Emmanuel Macron of France, who, like most French leaders, is relatively controversial within his own country.

There are some real opportunities when it comes to online betting on politics, and this is just one of many. Bettors are encouraged to seek out lines they have knowledge of at their favorite online sportsbooks.