Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/16/2020: Stock Market, Table Tennis, NFL Sims

  • Stock market betting is extremely interesting in the wake of the COVID-19 stimulus checks being sent out on April 15, 2020.
  • The Russian table tennis Pro League once again adds volume to the betting slate of table tennis bettors everywhere.
  • In NFL sim news, the Chicago Bears are 4.5 point underdogs to the Philadelphia Eagles in a simulated game on Madden 20.

NEW YORK - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview brings in three unique topics to the betting slate.

First, the Preview checks in on stock market betting, in the wake of the first round of stimulus checks going out.

Then, the Preview examines the table tennis Russian Pro League. Long time Preview readers will recognize this competition.

After that, the Preview takes a look at some Madden NFL simulation betting. It’s a snow game, which may play a factor into how the simulation is run.

There’s a lot to cover today, so let’s get started!

Stock Market Betting Preview

On April 15, 2020, the first round of stimulus checks to individual people began to be deposited into bank accounts.

This stimulus consists of $1,200 for most American families, as well as a large amount of relief for American businesses.

In the wake of the stimulus taking effect, stock markets fluctuated. The Dow Jones cratered early in the day before rising later in the day to close at 23,505 points.

The volatile economy has created opportunity for economic bettors, who can now place bets on an hourly basis as to what will happen with the major stock indices.

For example, on many of the online sportsbooks, a bettor could pick an hour in the day, and make a bet on whether the stock market will be up or down at the end of that hour.

These bets all tend to have little handicap - usually, the odds will be -115 on either side of the bet.

This can mean that a savvy bettor can gain serious profit from things like this - it’s rare to see a sportsbook not even attempt to handicap, but the stock market is volatile enough, and new enough to the sportsbooks, that these bets remain on the board.

These kinds of odds are certainly some of the most interesting bets to be found at any sportsbook.

Russian Table Tennis Pro League Betting

The Russian Table Tennis Pro League is a favorite of the Daily Sports Betting Preview. It commonly brings a large amount of betting volume to the slate of table tennis bettors across the world.

Volume is important when it comes to sports betting - the more opportunities you have, the more bad variance gets evened out. Over a larger sample size, skill tends to be rewarded more than over a small one, where luck can take precedence over it.

This is a big reason why the Russian table tennis Pro League can be so helpful to sports bettors everywhere: it usually features around 30 matches a day, minimum, when it runs.

Normally when the Pro League is discussed in this column, the focus is on individual matchups, but this time, the Preview is going to take a look at how table tennis over/under lines work.

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In table tennis betting, the over/under line refers to the total amount of points that will be scored in the match, by both players combined.

For the Pro League, this number tends to be between 70.5 points and 75.5 points, with no match today starting with a handicap outside of that range.

However, it is important to consider how matches actually tend to play out, and the ability of players to live bet along with the matches.

In-game wagering can be important when it comes to table tennis betting, as it helps bettors keep up with the action and respond to events quickly.

While many of the games are handicapped in the mid 70's for over/unders to start, plenty of them end up outside of that range, which highlights the benefits of live betting.

Madden Sim NFL Betting

The NFL is months away - the draft hasn’t even happened yet - but sports bettors are focusing on it already.

One way people are filling the void left by COVID-19 is with simulated sports games, and it should come as no surprise that simulated NFL games are quite popular given the league’s status.

These games are generally simulated using the Madden NFL series of video games and the CPU’s that control the teams are the built in versions of them.

Betting on these games is very similar to betting on normal football. As an example, let’s take a look at the game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles, which is up on MyBookie’s sportsbook.

The weather for this game is snowy, which will affect how it is played in much the same way as it would in real life.

The Eagles are 4.5 point favorites on the spread and have -220 odds on the moneyline, while the Bears are 4.5 point spread underdogs and are +165 on the moneyline.

The Eagles have a team over/under of 24.5 points, while the Bears have a team over/under of 20.5 points.

The odds for being the first team to score favor the Eagles at -145, compared to the Bears who clock in at +105.

Interestingly, the odds for being the last team to score don’t favor either team, with both the Bears and the Eagles clocking in with -120 odds.

As people get more used to virtual NFL betting, more bets can be added to the betting slate for each game. By the time the NFL is back, who knows where virtual betting will be? It could gain a real foothold during this pandemic.

Sports bettors should be paying attention to it - while it may have arisen as a response to the cancellation of many sports leagues, it could stick around for a while.