Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/28/2021: MLB, NBA, CS:GO

  • The New York Mets have -250 odds to defeat the Boston Red Sox.
  • The Phoenix Suns are -170 favorites over the injured Los Angeles Clippers.
  • Gambit are -1200 favorites over Fiend in the CS:GO Dreamhack Masters Spring.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to the Daily Sports Betting Preview on this excellent Wednesday!

Today’s Preview kicks off with a look at the matchup between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. Then, the Preview examines a potential playoff preview in the NBA as the Phoenix Suns face off against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Finally, CS:GO Dreamhack Masters Spring kicks off early in the morning on Thursday, so we look at the first matchups on the board.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

MLB Betting

The Boston Red Sox have been one of the surprise teams of the year, leading the AL East with a 15-9 record.

While the Sox are six games above .500, they derive all six of those wins from their 7-1 road record - and they’re the road team today. Their opponents are the New York Mets, whose 9-9 record is good enough to put them at the top of the NL East.

The Mets are big favorites in today’s matchup, however, due mostly to the fact that Jacob DeGrom is going to be on the mound.

Boston Red Sox vs. New York Mets Moneyline

  • Boston Red Sox +210
  • New York Mets -250

DeGrom is perhaps the only pitcher in MLB who can move the lines this way - he’s been the best pitcher in baseball so far this season.

DeGrom has won two of his four starts, and in those starts has posted an ERA of 0.31, an ERA+ of 1227 (Yes, 1227. Yes, it’s a small sample size, but come on.), and a WHIP of .552.

Put simply, right now, he’s the best pitcher in baseball, and if he keeps numbers even half as good as these for the rest of the season, it will be one of the best seasons in his career. Hilariously, despite his obvious talent, the Mets have lost as many games with DeGrom on the mound as they’ve won this year.

They are, in fact, still the Mets.

Boston Red Sox vs. New York Mets Run Line

  • Boston Red Sox +1.5 (-105)
  • New York Mets -1.5 (-115)

On the run line, the matchup is actually fairly even with the handicap applied, which demonstrates just how much of the moneyline is due to DeGrom’s prowess.

The expectation is that DeGrom keeps this game low scoring, and that means that a +1.5 handicap for the Sox helps them a lot.

MLB betting fans can watch this game on local broadcasters, as well as MLB.TV, at 6:40 p.m. EST.

NBA Betting

The Phoenix Suns are a good team - it’s no longer enough to say they’re red hot, or streaking. They’re just a good team.

In second place in the Western Conference, the Suns are looking to maintain a potential seeding advantage over the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers are in third place with the Suns - tied in the win column, but with two more losses on the season.

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Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns Moneyline

  • Los Angeles Clippers +150
  • Phoenix Suns -170

As much as it’s easy to say that Phoenix is a good team, and should be respected as such, this line frankly does not respect them.

The Suns are at home. They have a better record than the Clippers. Their most serious injuries are to Dario Saric and Jae Crowder. The Clippers will likely be missing Kawhi Leonard , Serge Ibaka and Patrick Beverley, among others.

Despite all of that, the Clippers are moderate underdogs - the online sportsbooks seem to believe in them in a way that they just don’t believe in the Suns.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns Spread

  • Los Angeles Clippers +4.0 (-110)
  • Phoenix Suns -4.0 (-110)

On the spread, the gap between the teams feels even smaller, as the Suns barely exceed the traditional home court advantage level, despite the Clippers also missing their best player.

The Suns should be able to win this game - they need to be able to win games like this if they want to have a prayer in the playoffs.

NBA betting fans can watch this matchup at 10:00 p.m. EST, live on ESPN and NBA League Pass.

Esports Betting

CS:GO’s Dreamhack Masters Spring kicks off on Thursday, early in the morning. This means that bettors may want to get their bets in ASAP.

The first two matches start at 6:00 a.m. EST and will be broadcast on Twitch.tv. In one, Gambit takes on Fiend, and in another, G2 takes on Team Spirit.

Gambit vs. Fiend Moneyline Odds

  • Gambit -1200
  • Fiend +575

Gambit’s -1200 odds to defeat Field make them one of the biggest favorites on this day of tournament betting.

They’re coming off of a second-place finish in the ESL Pro League’s Season 13, and they’re arguably the best team in the world right now - they’re ranked as first in the world by ESL.

It’s not a surprise to see them heavily favored over Fiend, and bettors could look at this as a solid investment opportunity, even at -1200 odds.

That’s just how good they are.

Team Spirit vs. G2 Moneyline Odds

  • Team Spirit -155
  • G2 +115

The next contest is a much more even one, as Team Spirit takes on G2. Both of these teams are in the top ten of the ESL rankings, with G2 at 9th and TS at 10th.

This should be a close and compelling matchup, and could go either way. Esports betting fans can take either direction on this moneyline and feel confident in their choices.

Good luck!