Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/29/2020: Nicaraguan Soccer, CS:GO, Masked Singer

  • In Nicaragua’s Primera Division, top-ranked Managua FC is a significant favorite over Walter Ferretti.
  • The CS:GO Road To Rio marches on, with many of the best teams in the world competing over the coming weeks.
  • The Frog is a -120 favorite to win this season of The Masked Singer.

MANAGUA, Nicaragua - The Daily Sports Betting Preview is back, with multiple betting opportunities from all over the world today.

First, the Preview takes a look at the Nicaraguan Primera Division soccer league, where two matches take place today.

Then, the Preview examines the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Road To Rio matches, as teams look to qualify for the Major tournament in Rio.

Finally, the Preview takes a look at something a little different - betting odds on The Masked Singer.

Nicaragua Primera Division Soccer

There are two matches taking place in the Nicaraguan Primera Division soccer league today, and both of them are interesting betting opportunities.

In the first match, Managua FC takes on Walter Ferretti. Managua are currently leading the Primera Division with 42 points in 18 matches.

They have a record of 13 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws in those 18 matches.

Walter Ferretti are in fourth place in the league, with a record of 9 wins, 6 losses, and 3 draws.

Overall, while the two teams might seem closely matched - first place against fourth place - they are not particularly close in terms of talent and quality of play this season.

Thus it should come as no surprise that Managua are -170 favorites, while Walter Ferretti are +500 underdogs. A draw is +245, more likely than a Ferretti victory.

The likelihood of a draw is also informed by the defensive nature of this contest. The Over/Under line is set at only two goals total, and low scoring games make draws more likely.

The second match today is between Real Esteli and Dirangen. Real Esteli is a goal favorite on the spread, although there is some shading toward Dirangen +1, which has -130 odds.

On the moneyline, Esteli is -190, while Dirangen is +550, and a draw is +270. Just as in the first match, the Over/Under line is set at two goals which reflect on the potentially low scoring nature of the matchup, making a draw relatively likely.

Esteli and Dirangen are the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the league, respectively, and actually have the exact same record entering this match - 10 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws.

CS:GO Road To Rio

As many esports bettors might know, the Counter-Strike scene is organized around a series of major tournaments. These major tournaments are the largest in the scene and are prestigious events with large prize payouts.

In order to qualify for a Major, there are different methods depending on which Major is under discussion.

The Road to Rio is the qualification track for the ESL Major in 2020, that will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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Teams involved will be competing within their region and seeking to win points that will establish the qualifying order for Rio.

Basically, more than 50 of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world will be playing fairly consistently up until the end of the qualifiers on May 17.

Each day, there are multiple games, and more than can be covered in this column, so today the Preview looks at the matchup between Team Dignitas and Team Vitality.

Vitality are -290 favorites on the moneyline compared to Dignitas’ +200 odds.

CS:GO betting uses a 1.5 game handicap as the spread, and on that spread, Dignitas (+1.5) has -165 odds, and Vitality (-1.5) has +120 odds.

The Over/Under, as always in best-of-three Counter-Strike, is set at 2.5. The Under is favored, with -155 odds, while the Over has +115 odds.

Masked Singer Betting

The Daily Sports Betting Preview reaches outside of its comfort zone today to talk about the odds to win a reality TV show.

The Masked Singer is one of the most popular reality shows on television, featuring celebrities in costumes in a singing competition.

The twist, of course, is that the audience and the judges do not know who the celebrity is until they are removed from the competition.

Right now, the odds to win this season of The Masked Singer are as follows:

Odds To Win Masked Singer Season 3:

  • Frog -125
  • Night Angel +275
  • Turtle +450
  • Kitty +500
  • Astronaut +1200
  • Rhino +2000

The remaining contestants can be divided into three categories as far as the odds are concerned: the favorite, the hopefuls, and the longshots.

The favorite is the Frog, by far. The Frog is actually favored over the entire rest of the field, with -125 odds to win the competition.

The hopefuls are composed of the Night Angel, at +275, the Turtle at +450 and the Kitty at +500. These are potential winners that would not be a shock, but would be a reasonable payout for those who bet on them.

The longshots are the Astronaut and the Rhino, who have +1200 odds and +2000 odds respectively.

Overall, this is an interesting entertainment betting opportunity and could be well worth looking at for many during this sports-starved time.